Friday, November 18, 2016

Some odds and ends

Well it's busy around here - as always.  Ben has been super busy at work these past few months - working every Monday (pretty much) at the hospital assisting Dr. Singh, and then just long days at the surgery center.  I think everyone's deductibles are spent and so they are doing whatever surgery they need - for "free."  :)

I ended up working three nights this week.  Blah.  It was a lot.  I don't sleep great during the days - getting about 5 hours of sleep.  Oh, except for Thursday when I was supposed to get up earlier, but set my alarm for 11:30 PM instead of AM - thus I overslept (I woke up at 2!) and missed my kids' flu-shot appointments.  Awesome.

I'm glad to be done with work for a few days . . . and, actually, Ben got the day off today (!) and Monday (!).  We rode Miles to school and then went to the swimming pool and . . . swam.  :)  Then, on our way home, we stopped off at Main St. to check out a new little market store that's opening soon - and some guy inside saw us peeking in and invited us in and gave us a little preview of the store.  :)

Here are a few random pictures from the week:

 I just took this one morning.  The girls dressed themselves as sort-of twins.  Cute, cute.

 So there was a Cub Scout Pack meeting this week.  I had to work and so Ben got to be pinned with the "mother's" pins.  Nice.  :)

 We were told nothing about Jonas getting his Arrow of Light until that day.  He isn't quite finished with everything and so I wasn't expecting it (he will finish by his birthday).  I was totally bummed that he was getting that award that night as I had to work and miss it.  Super sad.  But oh well - congrats to Jonas!  This picture is his "crossing-over" - going from Cub Scouts to Scouts.

I might have overslept and missed the kids' flu-shots, but we made it in time for Emmy's hair-cut appointment.  Good thing because I think Emmy would have been super sad.  I actually took this picture so Emmy could see the back of her hair.  She loves it.  And, yes, I need to get a front shot of her!

So no pictures of Miles.  So I'll just brag about his mid-term report card:  straight A's (with maybe an A-).  He's rocking it!  Go Miles!

With me working next week, Ben decided to put the kids in charge of some of the Thanksgiving food.  Awesome.  Miles has been making pumpkin pie in his "Life Skills" class and so that is his assignment.  :)

That's it for now!


erinmalia said...

I hope you're sleeping now. But when you wake up, call me and we can talk about your swim! haha. love that the kids are doing dinner. you should have them do the whole thing.

Elder James and Sister Dixie Galbraith said...

We wish we were close enough to spend Thanksgiving with one of our three children's families that day. However, we'll celebrate Thanksgiving with many other senior missionaries; I bought eight turkeys this week at the military commissary so we know that we should have a nice celebration. Our replacements arrive Tuesday so they'll be here, too. Our dinner starts at 1:00 PM, and we'll have the rest of the day off. After dinner we plan to take the new missionaries downtown Frankfurt to the Weihnachtsmarkt (Christmas market) so that should be fun, too.