Saturday, November 26, 2016

Thanksgiving 2016

Since Ben had to work through Wednesday and I was scheduled to work Tuesday and Wednesday nights, we decided we should just stay home for Thanksgiving.  It turned out that I worked Tuesday night and then more than half of the patients went home on Wednesday, so I was called off late afternoon on Wednesday.  I was not disappointed - even though the holiday pay would have been great.  I still prefer my family and home to making money - ha.  :)

As life is so busy, it was nice to have a low-key Thanksgiving with just our crew.  Of course we missed our extended family, but it was relaxing to just stay at our home.

The kids were all assigned a part of our Thanksgiving feast.  Of course I still had to help each child - with the exception of Miles.  Miles was on his own for the pumpkin pie.  Anyways, I'll just let the pictures show our Thanksgiving:
 Wednesday evening I helped Jonas out with his assignment - sweet potato casserole.  I knew that Brigham loves sweet potatoes - but I didn't know he loved the skins as well.  Silly pup.

 Wednesday night found these two boys getting the pies ready!

 Ben made the crust and then divided it in two. UPDATE:  I just found out that Miles made his crust "from memory."  So Miles made the entire thing himself; I didn't even "oversee" it!  :)  When Ben and Miles were rolling out their crusts, Ben told Miles that he needs to think about how he was going to get the crust in his pie plate - as Miles was just rolling out the crust on the table.  Miles' reply went something like this:  "Dad, we have discussed this very thing in detail [in his Home Ec. class at school] and have watched a lot of videos.  I'm going to roll the crust up on the roller and then unroll it over the dish."  And guess what?!  It totally worked.  Go Miles.

 Miles and his first real-sized pie made by him!

We had a pretty chill morning - I went for a run.  Ben, myself, Miles, and Brigham went for a walk.  We watched the Macy's parade on and off.  Then it was time to play some Kubb.

 It turns out that I was the deciding factor on which team won . . . whatever team I was on . . . won.  :)

 Go Lucy!

 Go Emmy!

 Go Ben!

 Go Jonas!

 Go Miles!

Team Brigham succeeded in beating Team Wilson multiple times.  :)  It was good to get out on a nice Thanksgiving day.  Then it was back in to the kitchen to finish up all the food . . .

 Lucy was in charge of the green-bean casserole.  Cute.  I didn't get a picture of Emmy and her cranberry salad (which we made on Tuesday).  But she did great and it was yummy, too.

 Our kids at our Thanksgiving feast.  Fun, fun.

How our kids usually behave . . .

The rest of the day was spent watching Jack Frost (tradition), playing Harry Potter Clue (Jonas won!), playing Spoons, eating pie, etc.

It was a good day and we all have much to be thankful for . . . especially our family, friends, and faith!

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erinmalia said...

Aw, happy Thanksgiving! I'm dying over Miles' pie! So incredible. I hope my boys can take a home ec class.