Friday, December 23, 2016

A Welcome-Back Grandma and Grandpa Trip!

My parents came home from their mission in Germany a few weeks ago and so Ben had requested time off so we could go and visit them.  We had a great time and it went really quickly . . . !

We got there on Saturday and within an hour or so we were off to the skating rink.  It was super-freezing (upper-teens, I think), but we still stayed for a decent amount of time and it was fun to be back out on the ice.

On Sunday I spent the morning getting the gingerbread houses made.  We went to my parents' ward at 1 and then quickly came home, changed, and ate our sandwiches in the car as we drove to Salt Lake.  We visited Temple Square and saw the beautiful lights and temple:
 A little chilly, but not too bad!

We then rode the Jingle Bus as it drove us along downtown SLC:
 The bus was awesome and the foreign-Santa-driver was pretty great, too.  The kids got to ride in the back.  Cool.

While on the bus a lady told us about a giant gingerbread house at the Grand America.  So once we got off the bus, we walked to a TRAX station and road it to Grand America:
 As we walked to the gingerbread house (inside the hotel - my kids thought the hotel was sooooo fancy), there were lots of cute Christmas windows representing many different countries.  I loved them!

 The gingerbread house - it was real!  Whoa!  Gingerbread, rice krispies, gumballs, lots and lots of candy.  It was so fun to see!

 There we are!

 Lucy looking at another window display.  So sweet.

When we left Saturday morning, we left about 6 inches of freshly-fallen snow.  My parents didn't have quite as much, but definitely had enough for sledding.  The kids spent hours and hours sledding and had a great time:
So fun!

Monday was spent sledding, going to a theater to see the new Star Wars movie, and watching one of Ben's favorite movies later that night:  Jim Carey's Christmas Carol.

On Tuesday it was Ben's birthday!  41!  Wahoo!  We had a big day, full of a lot of fun activities.  We decorated our gingerbread houses:
 I love them, as always.  Can you find Jonas' house - it has a cannon and is civil-war themed (the houses are in no particular order)?

We had lunch and ate birthday cake (some Scandinavian cardamom cake):
 What a great looking bunch and the cake was yummy!

Then it was off for some ice skating:
 Go old-man, go!  He still can rock it on the ice.  :)

 I love this picture!

Girls on ice.

After skating we went out to dinner at the Homestead.  It was really great and we all pretty much ate our entire dinners - including the 4 kids.  Well, Miles took home 1/2 of his steak and potato - but he was ordering off the adult menu.  :)  Emmy asked something she has never asked at dinner in her life:  "Can I have more food to eat?!"  It was nice and cozy at the Homestead and a perfect place for a birthday/holiday dinner!

After dinner (I told you, it was a full day!) we headed straight to the local Midway-theater for the production of Annie.  It was really, really great and I just loved it!  The rest of the family (including my parents) loved it, too.
Yep, my kids had front row and we were right behind them.  Lucky us!

On Wednesday Ben and I went to the Provo City Temple and did some sealing work there.  That temple is beyond beautiful and I hope that all my kids get married there.  :)  We went to lunch afterwards in Provo and had a lovely time.  My dad then met us there and brought our dogs.  Ben threw the dogs in to the truck and he headed home; my dad and I headed back to Midway.

We played some games while there.  Sorry, Quiddler (what we are playing in the picture - it's like a card-version of Scrabble, somewhat), the boys and Grandma played pool at the Clubhouse, etc.  Fun, fun!

On Thursday we all went to Kamas and went to their Rec. Center.  They have a super-fun swimming pool and so we spent a couple of hours there and the kids loved every second of it.  As the water was somewhat warm, I was able to tolerate it okay.  :)

We came home from that and made cornflake wreaths - I always loved making those as a kid.  So easy and so yummy.  Then we (minus my dad who stayed to do hometeaching) went down to Hogle Zoo for its ZooLights.  There weren't tons of animals out, but we did see some cool animals (bears, snow leopards, tigers, crocodile, and lots of bats and other creepy things like that).
 This was a cool ice-sculpture!  A penguin and . . . something.  I can't remember.  :)

The lights were super impressive there!

On Friday morning I went for my last Midway-run and then got us packed up.  We headed out by 10am and got home by 4pm - beating the Utah-storm that is coming tonight!
As always, it was great to be with Grandma and Grandpa.  We're so glad they are back!

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Dude. You did TONS of stuff! I'm tired just reading it. And um, is there a picture of you NOT wearing flip flops? I'm confused. Maybe it's a body double?