Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Dear Birthday Boy,

Happy 11th birthday Jonas!  You must have been so excited for your birthday that you had a stomach ache the day before and came home from school in the morning.  By lunchtime you had eaten your whole lunch; by afternoon you were playing basketball with Ivan when we went to pick up the girls.  Hmmmm, interesting . . .

We've had quite another year with you Jonas.  Some of it good, and some of it not-so-good . . . 

You've grown more bothered by your sister's chewing - yes, chewing.  You get furious at Emmy when she eats, chews gum, etc.  Yet you can talk in this most ridiculous (and annoying) baby-talk, but Emmy is not allowed to chew.  I looked up this disease once about people who are annoyed by those types of noises (chewing, etc.) - it's called misophonia.  I mistakenly told you about it and now you are convinced you have this disease.  

You began your last year at Northside - 5th grade.  It hasn't been your best year.  I've had occasional emails from your teacher.  Mainly it's due to you being lazy and not doing quality work.  You're a smart kid, but you're just less interested in doing smart work.  Hopefully you'll grow out of this by the time you get to middle school!  You're still a pretty good student, overall.  :)

You made the swim team this year and that was pretty huge.  We should thank your swimming lesson teacher who saw something that I certainly did not and told me that swimming just might be your "thing."  I'm not sure you'll ever go to the olympics or anything, but it's a great sport for you.  You practice twice a week and are always happy and positive after each practice.  You had your first meet and it was so hard for me to watch!  But you did well for your first time.  You took one 1st place - in the heat, but it was still super exciting for you.  :)

You got glasses this year - your dream come true.  Although I went to school the very next day you got them, and you kept taking them on and off and on and off - and told me that you had a headache.  You still like them, though, and I think you have gotten more used to them.

You went on a one-week camp with Coach Kirk this past summer and that was a big deal.  You mowed lots of lawns and weeded some to earn half the money.  You paid the most tithing you've every paid this year!  :)

You really are a good and sweet boy and we hope you know that no matter what (emails from teachers, getting caught in a lie, etc.) I, and your dad, will always and forever love you.