Saturday, December 31, 2016

Ski Trip to Kendall Mtn.

It had been a while since we've been to Kendall.  I think maybe 2 years?  Seeing as it is the only place I would totally feel comfortable taking my four kids without Ben, Kendall it was!  I took them up on Friday.  My friend Patty and her son Ivan, Jonas' best-buddy, came as well - although Patty didn't ski.  We also took along Aiden - a friend of Miles'.  It was warm and wonderful there!  The three older kids were on their own and I only skied with them like once.  My ski-partner was Lucy.  :)  She did great and after two runs tethered up, she was on her own skiing the hills.  She's a great little skier and loves it - as do all the other kids.  I think it was really fun for them to just be on their own - although we'd see each other as it's such a lovely, small place. :)

I was happy that Red Mountain Pass was dry!  I cry when it's not.  :)  (That's not a picture I took - if so, there would have been snow everywhere but the road.)

It was a really great day and everyone had a lot of fun.  I didn't get many pictures of the kids because I didn't ski with the older three much and I just didn't want the hassle of taking photos.  :)  I tried to get some videos of Lucy, but my camera would just automatically stop - which was frustrating.  But I did get a few:

 The kid-gang at lunch:  Jonas, Ivan, Lucy, Emmy, Aiden, and Miles.  Miles is 6 months older than Aiden - and about a foot shorter.  :)

 Lucy on the lift.  :)

 Lucy skiing down the hill!

 Emmy.  She totally loves skiing!  She rode up with lots of "strangers" for most of the day.  Aiden and Miles usually went together, and Ivan and Jonas did as well.  Every once in a while someone from our group would ride with Emmy (I went up with her twice), but mostly she went with other "singles."  She told us how there were a couple of people that she "just didn't understand their language and they were so accent-y."  :)  Cute.  Ivan left at 3 (we stayed until closing at 4) and so Emmy was able to spend the last hour riding up with Jonas.

 Lucy and me.  Ski-buddies.  :)

My biggest focus for helping Lucy to ski was turning!  It's so important.  I told my kids, "Anyone can strap on skis and go straight down a mountain.  That's not skiing.  Skiing takes skills - like turning." (There was a young girl there - maybe Emmy's age - who had no clue how to ski and wouldn't turn.  Then she would wipe-out on just about every run.  She was scary.  For herself and others on the mountain.  I almost said something, but didn't.) Luckily, Lucy did very well turning.  :)

It was awesome to be back at Kendall.  It really is a great place!

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erinmalia said...

Was this day as great as it seems? Because it seems amazing. My jealousy meter is super high right now. :)