Sunday, December 11, 2016


A few pictures from today, Sunday:

 Aw, he's so pretty!

 She's got the Miles-look nailed!

 I like this picture a whole lot for some reason.

 Oh Emmy girl.

This is what Lucy was doing while the other kids were cross-dressing.  Sleeping, finally!  She, and thus I, had been up since 2am - due to barfing.  Lucy pretty much barfed every 15-20 minutes up until about 8am.  Then she could maybe hold off for an hour or so - unless she drank water, then it would come back up pretty quickly.  Luckily her barfing has subsided, but now she has a fever (which she totally didn't have last night).  Poor gal.  The worst thing about this whole sickness, per Lucy: she won't get to go to school tomorrow.  She's sooooo bummed.

We did end our Sunday on a high note by attending our Stake's Christmas Music program which, just like last year, was fantastic.  I left about 10 minutes early because Lucy was just too tired.

Happy Jonas' Birthday week!  :)

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erinmalia said...

Kids are sooooo weird. I wonder if my boys would do this, should they have girl clothes to wear! And poor Lucy. And poor-er you. :)