Thursday, December 08, 2016

The Middles

Just a short post on The Middles, i.e., Jonas and Emmy.

I got a call from the nurse at school one day saying Jonas didn't pass his eye test perfectly.  But, seeing as Jonas has been so wanting glasses for a while, I was a little doubtful.  But I did make an eye appointment and, short story, Jonas is far-sighted.  He has pretty horrible depth-perception, supposedly (can you tell I still sort-of doubt the whole thing?!).  In fact, the eye doctor asked if Jonas trips a lot, etc.  Nope!  So much to Jonas' delight, we ordered him a pair of glasses.  And if loses or breaks them - sorry, that's it for a while!  They are costly!  Anyways, he got them yesterday and was beyond thrilled:

 Four-eyes and all, he's still incredibly handsome!

Yep, he's weird - happy to get glasses!  We'll see how long the novelty lasts . . .

Now on to Emmy.  She was in the newspaper the day after Thanksgiving.  It's a bit embarrassing to read as her parents . . . 
That Emmy girl!  Oh, and it was PJ day - hence the awesome attire.

I do love My Middles.

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erinmalia said...

yes, jonas looks awesome! did you try warby parker for the glasses?

and okay. i am DYING about emmy's letter. seriously dying. it's the best thing of my week. who is this girl!? i feel like i hardly know her. hahaha. you better laminate this one so it doesn't get all old newspaper-y.