Monday, December 05, 2016

Winter Sun 10k, 2016

Well this is my fourth year running the Winter Sun in Moab, UT.  It's such a great run and I get to go with friends and stay in Moab for the night and so it's definitely a winning tradition.  Plus, if I keep this up for another 30 years, I might finally be able to place in my age-group.  :)

There were about 6 of us friends running from Montrose, but 3 were part of a couples-group and so we just had 3 in our group - which was totally fine and still totally fun.  We headed out early on Friday morning and were able to go to the Monticello temple for initiatories.  It was a great time there at the temple and our temple-workers/helpers were so sweet - especially when they asked what college we all went to.  HA!

After the temple we drove to Moab and had a great place to stay.  We visited, ate our traditional homemade chicken noodle soup, played Skip-Bo, went and visited our friends that came up as couples, and then went to bed.

On Saturday, we got up and ran our race!  :)  I met up with my neighbor friend, Heather, and she wanted to run with me and so we ran it together.  I was a little bit slower than I've been running this race, but that's okay.  There's always next year.  :)  Here are my stats that the race sent me:

Finish Time 55:17
Overall 157 of 501
Female Rank 72 of 266
Division Rank 25 of 102
Female 30 to 39
Average Pace 8:54

And I finally won a raffle-prize!  I never have!  Kandace won last year and this year it was me.  Yay!  I won a $50 gift-card to a bookstore.  Suh-weeeet.

Here are a few pictures of our short and sweet and super-great weekend:
 Some cool pictures Sarah took on her phone as we drove from Monticello to Moab.

 Sarah, myself, and Kandace!

 Here is our group at the finish of our run.  Back row:  Clark and Heather Oman, Jeremy Dixon (he was going to run, but couldn't due to a broken foot), and Rick McBee (his wife was there but didn't run and didn't get in the picture!).  Front row:  Kandace Booth, me, Sarah Bugarin, and Jen Dixon.  Everyone did so great - Kandace like shaved off 10+ minutes from her previous runs.  She rocked it this year.  This was Jen's first 10K and she did super great, too.  Go us!  :)

Sarah, Kandace, and Emily - on our way out.

I love my family, but it's nice to get away with friends every once in a while (which comes out to about once or twice a year . . . :).

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erinmalia said...

I love race weekends, especially when they're out of town and away from family! How fun for you. I can't wait to see what you buy me with your prize winnings. :) hahahaha. I'm hilarious.

Seriously: next time I'm in Utah, I'm taking the boys to Moab. Such a cool place! Maybe next Christmas?