Monday, October 31, 2016

Family Halloween Party

So the girls decided on their own to host/throw a Halloween party for our family.  Emmy made "Family Letter" signs and posted them throughout the house.  So on Saturday night we had our little party.  I had helped the girls with coming up with the games and activities and treat.  We played Halloween charades, Pin the Spider on the Web, and Halloween Scattergories.  It was fun.  Then the activity was blind-folding people and taking them in to the cellar (the party was held in the basement) to feel bits and pieces of a zombie/monster/thing that the girls had caught and destroyed.  There were bat ears (prunes), zombie brains (spaghetti), monster eyes (peeled grapes), mummy teeth (corn kernels), witches' fingers (sliced carrots), and the best/worst according to everyone:  werewolf tongue (sliced bananas).  That activity was a hit and the boys really enjoyed it!  We had pandora playing a fun Halloween station for our music.  Then we had a fruit-pizza done in a "Day of the Dead" decor.  I made the cookie and frosted it; the girls decorated it all on their own.  It was a fun evening.  Even Jonas, who thought it was going to be lame, said that it was fun and much better than he thought.  :)

I only got a few good pictures:
 The girls had fun cutting up fruit and decorating the sugar-skull cookie.  :)

Cute, cute and yum, yum!

Friday, October 21, 2016

2016-17 School Pictures

So I let my kids pick what they wanted to wear for their school pictures . . . kind of.  But it was a mess because 1.  my kids don't really have a sense of "style" and what would look good for pictures and 2.  apparently I was behind on the laundry because my girls had hardly anything to choose from.  Ha!  So Ben and I did give them some gentle guidance . . .

My girls are practically twins in their pictures.  It's what they picked!  And Jonas, wait for this:

 Lucy, Kindergarten, Mrs. Arrechea.

 Emmy, 3rd grade, Mrs. Latham.

 Jonas, 5th grade, Mrs. Kohout.  Yes, that is Jonas' coat.  No, that's not what he picked to wear.  It's just that he forgot to take it off for pictures!  What a goof.  (I'm not blaming the photographer, but really?  He could have said something . . . :)  Jonas told me that day that he had forgotten to take off his coat and I told him he could buy his re-takes.  But then I thought about it and thought it would just be funny.  And, as Jonas said when he got his pictures, "I look good!"  He's right.  Coat and all.  :)

Miles, 7th grade, lots of teachers.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Moms in Moab (with their kids)

So the kids had a "fall break" of sorts from school and I decided to take advantage of it and take the kids camping.  My friend Csilla wanted to go and she invited her Hungarian friend, "Mog-duh" (that's how I pronounce it . . .).  Csilla's friend has two kids - twin boy and girl - that go to Northside.  They are in the 4th grade and speak very little English - but they are learning!  It was a good group to go with.

Overall, it was a great trip!  But that didn't mean I didn't have to deal with Miles on multiple occassions as he constantly pushed his boundaries (literal and physical boundaries) and led the whole group of kids away from camp.  One time that we finally found them was a little scary - 10 more minutes and it would have been dark and not-fun searching for a group of kids.  That boy.  Then I had to deal with Jonas on multiple occassions as well - he was more of the grump who complained every time he had to "help."  My kids were expected to help set up camp, help with meals, help pack up, etc.  Jonas, of course, was more interested in playing with his friends and let me know it.  We had some talks.  I also had to deal with some crying and gnashing of teeth when Emmy realized she had forgotten her "boo."  We were still in the car heading out and weren't super-far from home.  But it was far enough to not make the turn-around for it.  Emmy was beyond sad and mad.  She couldn't control herself for about 30 minutes in the car.  Then she focused on some coloring and that was that!  Lucy, sometimes not very happily, would "share" her boo with Emmy.  Emmy survived!  And Lucy?  Truthfully, she was practially perfect.  Go Lucy.

Anyways . . . 

We got to our campground by 11:30 on Monday and set-up camp.  We had lunch, the kids ran around, and then we headed off to hike Negro Bill canyon.

 This was our turn-around point - I told the kids we would hike until we could see Morning Glory Bridge.  It's about 2 miles to this point.  All the kids did great.

 There are tons of water-crossings and such and you can pretty much just walk down the entire stream as well.  Which the kids did on and off.  Here is Levi, Jonas, and Emmy.

 As Lucy told me when she saw this picture, "I'm strong!"

 My kids are super crazy.  Amazingly, Emmy dried off by the time we got back to the car!

We drove back to camp and the boys got a fire going and we all started cooking our dinners.  We ate and then the kids went exploring.

 We called our camp, Camp Chocolate River.  The stream looked like chocolate to the kids.  Emmy and Lucy came to get me to check it out - and then the search for the other kids began as the girls told me Miles had gone way off and that the others had followed.  After lots of searching and yelling, we were finally able to make contact and the kids came back.  Sigh.

We enjoyed the evening with another fire and then played "Murder."  Emmy suggested it - I had told her about it once - and everyone enjoyed it and had fun!  (You hand out as many cards as you have players - whoever gets the "Ace" is the murderer and whoever gets the "Jack" is "Jack the Detective."  The murderer kills by winking at people - who then make ghastly noises and "dies."  Jack tries to figure out who the murderer is.  Fun stuff.  :)

The kids also shared "scary" stories around the fire.  My favorite were the Hungarian kids who had to tell their stories in Hungarian and their mother translated.  Very cool.

 The girls sharing Lucy's boo as they get ready for sleep.


 Bedtime went great.  I turned out the big light and was able to read my book for 20 minutes - in silence.  My kids must have been good and tired - not a peep from them all night!  They slept good.  I slept until 1am and then was up pretty much every hour after that.  That's how I sleep when I camp.  I'm getting old!

We packed up camp, ate breakfast, and then headed to our next hike - Corona Arch.  (I did these same 2 hikes with my kids a couple years back.  They are good, little hikes - for good, little kids.)

 Cool, you get to climb a ladder on this hike!

 Corona Arch is beautiful!  But it's got nothing on my two girls!

 Jonas at Bowtie Arch - this is right before you get to Corona.

 Here is our group sitting under Corona Arch eating some snacks.  Csilla took the picture and so she's not in it.

 I love this picture of a happy girl climbing some rocks!

 Lucy wanted to compare her size to that of the arch's.  Crazy!  Last time we came to this arch, there were people rope/bungee jumping off of it.  Stupid!

All the kids hanging on to the cable on our way back.  There is Jonas, Kyle, Lexi, Christof, Sonja, Lucy, Emmy, Levi, and Miles.

We got back from the hike, ate lunch next to the big river, and then headed back home.  We got home in time to unload the car and then take Lucy to gymnastics.  Then later Emmy to gymnastics.  Then Jonas to swimming.  Back to real life!

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

My New Life

So my "new" life, sans kids during the day, is not quite what I had imagined. . .

I thought I would have so much time . . . time to organize a cleaning schedule and do some cleaning project every day or at least every week, time to ride my bike to all my errands (except my monstrous grocery-trips), time to do a craft or two, time to hike and play.


Real life has not worked out that way, sadly.

I have worked all but two weeks that my kids have been in school.  And one of those weeks the kids were off for a day, so it wasn't even a full-week of sans kids.  This week will be my third week off and, alas, the kids have Monday and Tuesday off.  Funny.

So when I work, I feel like three of my five days are full.  Even though I work two night-shifts.  Tuesdays I go in to Lucy's classroom in the morning, and then I nap in the afternoon.  I get my kids and then am running the girls to gymnastics, helping with homework, and making dinner.  Then I'm off to my "other" job.  All night long.

On Wednesdays I come back from work and make my kids' lunches and then get them up and ready and out for school.  I then sleep from about 8-2.  I go and get my kids and then I take Lucy to her music class.  I run with Brigham while Lucy is in class, and then we come home and I'm still running - just in the house as I shower, get dinner made, help with homework, etc., etc.  It's busy.  And then I get to go to work all night again.

On Thursdays I do the same thing in the morning - lunches, kids off to school.  I sleep for just a few hours and then I'm up.  I go for a bike ride and then come back and get ready to go to school.  I go to Emmy's and Jonas' classes and then it's time for the kids to come home from school.

(Last week was even more crazier as I had to get up earlier on Wednesday to help set-up/get ready a dinner for the teachers.  Then Thursday I had to take Brigham to the vet - super bad ear infection - and go to an assembly to see Emmy get an award, and, to top it off, it was short day so the kids were home at noon.  And then I had the entire afternoon basically full of parent-teacher conferences.  In 31 hours, I got 1 hour and 45 minutes of sleep.  Not that fun.)

So, on those weeks that I work, I really only have Monday and Friday "off."  Sure, I have done a hike and a fun bike ride - but that's about it for the "fun stuff."  Mondays and Fridays are usually my catch-up days - lots of banking/accounting stuff, grocery list-making (takes forever!) and grocery shopping, working on PAC stuff for school, church calling, laundry, possibly picking up the house or mopping, etc.

I'm not totally complaining.  It's just been not quite what I wanted or expected for this phase of my life.  But it's also okay and probably good in the long run. . .

Sunday, October 16, 2016

The Pumpkin Patch

For the third year in a row we went up to Studt's pumpkin patch in Grand Junction.  I got a group together and so we were able to get an awesome group-rate, which included a pumpkin.  Awesome.  Our family - minus Ben, but plus Miles' friend Malachi - went, along with Patty and Ivan, and the Coon family and the Dixon family and the Baker family.  With such a big group, our kids were everywhere!  But they all had a great, great time!

 This year they added a smaller slide - the slides are always a hit with all the kids.  So fun!

 A trip up to the pumpkin patch would not be complete without a picture of kids jumping off the hay-stack into the corn pit.  This represents only half of the kids that were there with our group!

 Lucy was a little scared and didn't jump with the group.  So then she cried.  So then we cheered her on - with Emmy being her greatest cheerleader - and she jumped.  :)

 The inflated orange-things are always fun to bounce on.  I think Miles looks super-imposed in this picture; he's just walking on the pumpkins. . .

These two boys and Jonas and Ivan went in to the corn-maze.  They were out in under 30 minutes.  Later, Ivan and Jonas took Emmy and Holly (Emmy's good friend from preschool and church, and whom Ivan and Jonas have a crush on) back in to the corn-maze.  I'm glad they are old enough to do that on their own - I'm not a fan of mazes!

 Lucy and Lila having fun going down the slide together.

 Emmy looking cute as she pumps water for the duck race.

 A running-all-over-the-place red-faced Emmy and her friend.  The kids got to go in the petting zoo - full of rabbits, alpacas, sheep, goats, and pigs.  Then there was the aviary - full of scary birds, especially a gigantic turkey.

 My bunch, including Malachi.

 My silly bunch - that's a classic Miles-face.  Malachi does a pretty good impression of it.

My favorite spot - the cool display of pumpkins!

It was a fun day - we left at 9 and got back at 5.  Fall is so great!  (Although it was actually way too hot - like 80 degrees.  Ugh.)

Thursday, October 06, 2016

Saturday, October 01, 2016


So the Black Canyon Sprint Triathlon was today, October 1st.  We were all excited for it!  I have a gazillion pictures because there are just too many cute ones - sorry, but not really.  :)

 Team Wilson - Jonas, swimmer; Miles, biker; and myself (Emily) as runner.

 Team Brigham - Ben, swimmer; Lucy, biker; and Emmy as runner.

 There we all are waiting to start - Jonas and Ben were set to begin their swims at 8:20 and I think that is close to when they did start.

 Isn't he the cutest swimmer!?

 Gotta love his number - makes him look all the more official.

 Jonas was in first - he had to swim 100 meters, or 2 laps.  He did the freestyle, the backstroke twice, and then finished up with the freestyle again.  I watched him on his first lap and he looked good!

 Jonas doing the freestyle.

 Jonas doing the backstroke.

 Then he was out and ran to meet up with Miles!  He was a little cold at this point.  :)

 What a goofy picture - but what else do except from two brothers on their exchange?!

 Miles got his bike (well, really, my bike) - ready to do his 10K ride.

 And Miles was off!

 I ran back inside and was able to catch Ben swimming - he's at the top of the picture.  He had to do 10 laps and didn't stop once.  Go Ben.

 Lucy and Emmy were waiting for their turns to go!

 The Ben-and-Lucy exchange!  How cute!

 There Lucy was with her bike - ready for her 5k ride.  Ben rode alongside her.

 There she goes!

In the meantime, we kept looking for Miles as he had to do the 5K loop twice.  We didn't see him and didn't see him - so I was worried that he either was just going super-slow or had a flat.  But it turns out that we just missed him the first time around. Miles made it back in record-time for him and I was off.  I had handed my camera to Patty and so we didn't get any pictures of Miles coming back and me heading out.

 While I was out running, Ben and Lucy made it back!  Ben said Lucy was awesome and was really pushing herself.  Cute, cute.

 Cutest. Exchange. Ever.  :)  Now it was Emmy's turn to run!

 Emmy had a 2k to run and did amazing - under 10 minutes.  What a running-rock star.

 Emmy was so excited about her time and told me over and over and over and over how fast she ran it.  I was so happy for her!  What a cute, little runner.

 Two besties - whether they know it or not!

 Yay for Team Brigham!  They had finished their relay triathlon!

 Then I finally made it back!  I think I had a decent time, but I'm not sure yet.  :)  It was fun.

 Yay for Team Wilson - we were now all done!

 The whole Maxwell triathlon gang.

We hung out for a little bit and then went home.  I wanted to get a picture of the backs of our shirts:
 Cute, cute - kids and shirts.  :)

 Here you can see it a little better.  Ben helped me out bunches and we were happy with how they turned out.  We got lots of compliments on them at the race.  :)

Then we went back to the awards ceremony at 1pm.  And silver-place in the Family Team division was . . .
 Team Wilson!  Wahoo!

And gold-place went to . . .
Team Brigham!  YAY!  (Okay, so turns out there were only two teams competing in the family division . . . :). Not only did they win a gold medal and bragging rights, but they also get to choose a movie and treat for our FHE on Monday.  Awesome.

The kids all enjoyed the whole event, and, of course, were super excited about their medals

What an awesome experience . . . we all can hardly wait to do it again next year!