Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Videos from Emmy's First-Ever Meet

So we got a few videos of Emmy.  We got the last half of her floor routine.  One of her vaults.  Missed her bars routine completely (well we saw it, but we just didn't get it on video).  And got her beam routine.

A Trip to Utah - for Emmy's First Gymnastics Meet!

So we went to Utah last weekend for Emmy's first-ever gymnastics meet.  We were able to leave Friday morning by 9am - which was good because the weather over Soldier Summit was crummy and even worse by nighttime.  We stopped off at Provo for some fun garment-shopping by the parents and BYU bookstore perusal by the kids.

We got Brigham out on BYU property - his first time - before we left him in the car while we wondered around campus a bit.

That night we had some fun with Grandma and Grandpa - playing a couple of fun games.  Splatzi was something my mom picked up and it was fun for everyone.  Then we played the Bean Boozled "game," which consists of getting a random jelly bean and having to eat it - the jelly bean could either be a yummy flavor or disgusting one.  For example, a pinkish one could either be barf or tutti-frutti.  It's an awful game and I don't think I can do it again!  Lucky for Ben (he hates Bean Boozled) he was on the phone and missed it.  My dad is a nut and could eat any and every yucky bean - including barf (three times), rotten egg, dead fish, and more.  He only flinched once while eating a jelly bean - a coconut one, as he hates coconut.  Ha!  I had to spit out spoiled milk and barf.  So gross, but funny to watch everyone.  My mom did pretty well, too.  I owe it to their old-age and lack of great taste-buds.  :)

Saturday was pretty much spent in Ogden.  Emmy's meet started at 11 and we were there by 10:30.  Emmy and her group of Level 3s were very nervous - it was everyone's first time competing.  Emmy was very first on the floor and got a little flustered - starting before the music began and then almost forgetting a few moves when the music did start.  But she ended up doing just fine and got a good score.  She rocked it on the vault - getting a 9.4, which came to 2nd place in her division.  I only saw one other score higher (a 9.45) and I am pretty confident that she got 2nd out of all the Level 3 girls in the entire meet.  Next up for her team was bars.  She didn't fall off, but did fall over the bar on her stride-circle, but other than that she looked pretty good.  She was super nervous for the beam and got a little flustered again on her warm-up.  But she looked pretty good and didn't fall!  Her score was quite low and I still don't know why . . . Her all-around score was a 31.75.  She had a great performance for her first time!  I realized it is much harder watching your gymnast daughter than being the gymnast that competes.  :)
 Emmy and her three Level 3 teammates on the floor with the other competing gymnasts.

 Getting ready for the pledge.  Go Team Snow Shadow!  The girls are:  Natasha, Miley, Jocelyn, and Emmy.

Warm-up time!

 Meeting the judges at their first event, floor.  Coach Kirk is with them.

 Emmy flying high and looking good on "vault."  So the Level 3 vault is done on the mats and is a "handstand flat-back."  Kind of lame, but Emmy rocks it.  :)

 Emmy warming up on beam!

 Emmy getting 2nd place on vault - yeah!

 Emmy got 6th-place overall in her division.

 The Level 3 girls with their medals - they all got a couple, yay!

Here is the whole team after the Level 4's went as well.  Again, every girl got medals.  It was fun!

Afterwards, Emmy and Ben went with the rest of the teammates (we had stayed to watch the Level 4 girls, three of them from our team, compete in the afternoon) to dinner.  We had already made plans to go to my Aunt Bonnie and Uncle Randy's home (who live just a few blocks from the gym!) and meet up with their kids for some pizza and visiting.  Emmy, of course, really wanted to go with her teammates and so that's why Ben and she went out to dinner.  She had a lot of fun!  I had a great time visiting with my family - turns out I haven't seen them all in like 15-plus years.  Crazy!
Last row:  Sam (Mike's son), Cousin Mike, Aunt Bonnie.  Middle row: Cousin Betsy, Briggs (Mike's son), dad, Miles, Jonas, Uncle Randy, mom, Cousin Mary, Piper (Cousin Andrew's daughter.  Andrew wasn't there, now were his other two daughters.  But his wife, Tera, was there and took the photo.)  Front row:  me, Lucy, and Archer (Mike's son.  Mike also had a girl, Lily.  But she was gone with friends by this time.)

Oh, my kids loved Randy and Bonnie's home!  Actually, they took a break during the Level 4 meet and got a tour of Ogden by my dad and stopped off at Randy's home.  Jonas told us several times how Randy promised to take him for a drive in his porsche.  The kids all loved Bonnie's self-playing piano - which is very cool!  Fun, fun.
Here's Jonas trying on one of Randy and Bonnie's British police hats.  :)

Sunday was church - and, lucky for us, it was the primary program.  It was a great program - practically perfect!  The rest of church was pretty good, too.  Ben and I took Brigham for a walk and some playing in the dog-park with a bunch of other dogs.

On Monday I ran with Brigham up to Memorial Hill and back.  We left around 10:30 and went to the Southtown Mall to check out the Harry Potter event that was happening there.  The line was long and we were able to view the "event" (which was basically a small-ish store selling over-priced HP merchandise) from stairs in the mall and called that good.  Then it was on to home - where we finished listening to the first HP book and the kids got to watch the movie.
Outside of the Harry Potter event at the mall.

When we got home Jonas made a cake for Emmy.  He had bought the mix and frosting at the dollar-store next to the gym on Saturday.
 Cute, cute.

What a great weekend!

Monday, November 13, 2017

Hiking with the Boys . . .

So my boys were off of school this past Friday.  Just their school in the whole district.  I had taken all my kids, except for Miles, to the Neosho Mine this past summer.  Miles was away at scout camp.  I thought he would love the hike and so we decided to hike it - again for some of us, the first time for others.  It was a great day and I think all the boys had fun - especially with their snowball fights!  One of my best-friends was the other mom and so I had an awesome time, too, chatting it up with her.  I would say we were hiking in snow for about 75% of the hike - but it wasn't deep or wet and so it was totally fine.


Sarah and myself!

 The four boys and Brigham on the trail.  Miles, Jesse, Aiden, and Jonas.

 Again, the four boys and Brigham's bum.  :)

 Here are the boys at the mine - Miles is chilling in the mine cart or whatever it is.

 One of the houses up there - it's pretty cool and a little sketchy to go inside!

 Brigham had a fabulous time!

Snowball fight!

The boys inside the cave - as much as we would allow them to go in!

It was a beautiful day and a perfect day for a fall hike!

Friday, November 03, 2017

October and Eyes

 As always, October was busy and AWESOME:

I had an eye appointment yesterday and Lucy asked me, "Why do you have one blue and one green eye?"  Huh?  I didn't think much of it until Jonas came home from school and he asked me the same question.  Weird - I can hardly see it.  But I guess when the yellow eye-drop solution mixed with my blue eyes, it created a green eye for a bit.  :)

Wednesday, November 01, 2017

Halloween 2017

Well, it wasn't my favorite Halloween.  Probably because I didn't do much with the costumes.  Then I got some bummer news about Emmy's gymnastics team not being able to compete this weekend (and thus they most likely won't compete at all this year, including at State - which is what they have been working on all year long . . .) and it sort of ruined the evening for me.

But, I think the kids had a good time.  We trick-or-treated in our neighborhood for a bit, then we drove over to Lucy's teacher's neighborhood since she had invited all her students to come to her house and trick-or-treat.  Of course her husband answered the door and so we didn't even see Mrs.  Dodd!  Oh well.  There is a haunted house there that the boys went in - twice - and they liked that.  They got enough candy.  Not like tons, but definitely enough.

 I went to the school's parade and then hung out in Lucy's classroom afterward.  What a bunch of cute 1st-graders!

 Lucy, aka Poppy the Troll, enjoying treats at her classroom party.

 I made mummy calzones for dinner.  Spooky.

 Once again, Lucy - aka Poppy from Trolls.

Emmy - a Schuyler sister from the Broadway musical Hamilton.  Which Schuyler sister - it depended on the day . . .sometimes Angelica, other times Eliza, and every once in a while, Peggy.  :)

 Once again, Jonas and Jim!  I don't think we've ever gotten more compliments on a costume than with this one (again, nice job Ben!).  So many people loved it.  In fact, most houses had to call in the rest of their family and friends to come and check it out.  Fun for Jonas.  :)

 Dr. Maxwell.  Scrubs courtesy of the Black Canyon Surgical Center.  It even came complete with a stain.  Awesome.

The whole gang - Dr. Maxwell, Jim, lazy Jonas being carried, Poppy, and a Schuyler sister.

Happy Halloween.

Saturday, October 28, 2017

The Pumpkin Patch

So we didn't make it up to our favorite pumpkin patch in Junction this year.  So we went to our local one.  It's really nice - but I think it's for younger kids, really.  We've outgrown it!  But the kids still had fun and we (Ben and I) were super happy that the pumpkins were half-off.

 They all loved Sterling!

 What a fun and big tire swing!

 It sure is beautiful up there.

 The kids all fell in love with the cows.  Funny.

Something's wrong with this picture . . . :)

'Tis the season - I love fall!


So STUCO stands for the Student Council at my boys' middle school.  I encouraged Jonas to join in the beginning of the year - and then encouraged Miles to as well!  I should have encouraged Miles in his 6th-grade year as well, but I didn't so oh well!

So STUCO meets each Monday right after school.  They discuss . . . things.  Like upcoming activities, fundraiser ideas, sporting events, etc.

Miles is the STUCO co-president - his partner is a girl named Camryn.  They didn't have to get voted in really.  A while ago the students voted in the president.  Then it changed to STUCO members voting.  But this year no one really wanted it, I guess - but Miles and Camryn decided they would do it as co-presidents.  Funny.

Both boys seem to enjoy it.  They get to sell concessions at our home sporting events.  The boys totally like that - they get to make nachos, sell stuff, get $1 of free food for each hour they help, etc.  :)

This past Friday the school had its activity/dance night.  The boys stayed after school to help get set up and then came home at 8pm.  They loved it.  Miles was "helping" out with the cake-walk and "being crazy," as he told me.  Jonas got to be the DJ.  He was super excited about it - but then also told me that kids would come and "cuss" at him because he wasn't playing their songs.  Ha.  But they were both excited to tell us all about it.

Here is one picture the school posted in its facebook page:
The theme of the night was "red carpet."  Only because STUCO has more girls than boys in it and that is what they voted for - per report from my boys.  :)

A side-note of STUCO.  So Miles was going to a merit-badge rally a week or so ago and needed 2 more badges to get the next rank.  As we were reviewing the required badges that he was recommended to work on, I thought there was no way he'd be able to pass it off on that one Saturday because there were service hours to do, meetings to attend, etc.  Turns out that his service on STUCO and his STUCO meetings qualified and he was able to pass them off.  So cool.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

2017-18 School Pictures

I have 2 sets of twins this year . . . 
 Lucy.  1st grade.  Mrs. Dodd.  Northside Elementary.

 Emmy.  4th grade.  Mr. Scott.  Northside Elementary.

 Jonas.  6th grade.  Centennial Middle School.

Miles.  8th grade.  Centennial Middle School.

Random Happenings, Plus a Sneak-Peek at Halloween . . .

As in years past, the girls did a cheer-camp for 5 days and then got to perform at the high school's football game's half-time.  They loved it all - practices and their 10-second performance!  :)

No, Ben didn't change professions by becoming an astronaut.  This is him in the "space-suit" as they call it in surgery.  He's at the hospital here working on a total knee-replacement.  I think Ben was sewing up the patient at this point?

 The boys had a Court of Honor this past week.  Here is Jonas conducting the flag ceremony.
 Some of the scouts.  Including weird-Miles.  :)

 Here is Miles pinning me.  I think he got his Star rank and is pretty close to his Life . . .?  I really know nothing about it and don't even know how he got this far - except thanks to his scout leader and scout camps and merit badge rallies (where he gets a lot of the un-fun required badges done).

  And here is Jonas pinning me . . . I think he earned his Tenderfoot and is pretty close to earning 2nd class.  Or something like that.

 Here's an early sneek-peak at Jonas' costume!  We had a ward party last night and so had to get it ready for then.  Ben was the master-maker of this costume!  He did it all, with a little help from Jonas.

 I think it turned out so awesome; Jonas loves it, too!  He got lots of positive reactions last night.  :)

 Ben had to run to the second-hand store to see if he could find a cape for Jonas' costume (which he did, luckily).  Ben also came back with this wig.  I put it on and decided I would dress up as the 1985 version of Dixie Galbraith.  Pretty close, huh?!  :)

Lucy was an awesome sport and went as a BYU cheerleader!  Her Poppy (troll) costume wasn't here yet - which we thought would happen and so we had decided on this outfit for back-up.  Totally cute.

The ward party included 2 wards and the branch and had a carnival and then the trunk-or-treat.  The kids all had fun running around with their friends and getting lots of candy.  Here is Lucy with her friends Jayden and Lila.