Saturday, May 20, 2017

School class pictures, 2016-17

 Lucy's kindergarten class with teacher Mrs. Arrechea (back right, the other ladies are "helpers").  Lucy loves Mrs. Arrechea - just like Emmy did when she had her in kindergarten!

We didn't order any single prints, but they took one of Lucy (and Jonas).  This was just a thumbprint sample, but it was pretty cute.  They put the sample thumbprints on a coffee mug and Lucy exclaimed, "What the?!  I'm on a coffee mug!"  Awesome.

 Emmy's 3rd grade class with Mrs. Latham - whom she adores!

 Jonas' thumbprint sample (I just scanned it and enlarged it).  Handsome kid.

Jonas' gigantic 5th grade class with Mrs. Kohout.  Ben stated that Jonas looked good, but a little "nerdy."  It's not his typical attire, but I think it's cute.  I just don't get why my boys have to button the top button?!

It's been another good year at Northside!  Jonas' last!

Thursday, May 18, 2017

This Old Dog

Well on May 17th, Wilson turned 15.  15!  He'll be getting his driving learner's permit any day.  Ha.  Honestly, I can't believe he is still around.  But I've been saying that for the past couple of years.  Overall, he's doing okay.  He has some bad days, but they are not the norm.

I mean, he sometimes has a hard time getting up off the slippery, wooden floor.  He can't hear very well at all.  I'm not sure his vision is all that great.  But he still enjoys a walk - a slow walk, but a walk nonetheless.  He can still "jog" for a second or two as he chases Brigham in the backyard.  And he can still be cranky!  So I'd say he's doing okay for being "105."

Here are some pictures:
 Wilson doing what he loves best:  lounging.

 Wilson was excited about the "pupcakes" I had made for him!

 Oh yeah, he loved it.

 Emmy was brave and wanted to try a pupcake!

 Uh, she thought it was disgusting.  Haha.

And Brigham got one too - and he loved it.  He loved it so much that he ate it in one bite.

Happy birthday Old Man Wilson!

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Mothers' Day Questionnaire 2017

I always do love hearing my kids' answers!  Answers are in order of my children - Miles, Jonas, Emmy, and then Lucy.

1.  She is sitting in front of the TV, what is she watching:
What?  She doesn't watch it.
Downton Abbey
Lala Land - kid version (I'm not sure what that is?)
I don't really know

2.  What dress does she eat on her salad?
Ranch and BBQ sauce (Ranch, OK - but definitely not BBQ sauce)
That sweet sauce that we had on our salad (I made a salad this past week that had some Orange Poppy Seed dressing.  I'm usually not a sweet-dressing person, but this one was good!)

3.  Name something she hates:
Bad kids
Going to Mack Play-place with kids

4.  What does she like to drink?
Water, because when we are at restaurants she's like, "We're just having water."

5.  Favorite music to listen to?
Maybe Les Mis?

6.  What is her nickname for you?

7.  What is something she collects?
Letters from kids
Love from her family
Food at the grocery shop

8.  What food would she eat every day if she could?
A piece of chocolate
Granola cereal

9.  What is her favorite color?
I don't know, red?
Every color

10.  What would she never wear?
Plaids with stripes

11.  What is her favorite sports team?
BYU football
Snow Shadow
Maybe gymnstics

12.  What is something that you don't do that she wishes you did?
Be nicer
Not complain a lot
Never be mean
Clean up my room nicely

13.  You bake her a cake, what is it?
Rice Krispie
Rice Krispie
Rice Krispie
Rice Krispie

14.  Favorite animal?
Well it's not birds!  Brigham
Birds (sarcasm!)
Dolphin and horse, maybe, and dog
Wire-haired pointing griffon dog

15.  What would she spend all day doing if she could?
Talking with friends
Hiking with friends
I don't know
Cleaning up the house because she wants her house clean

16.  Who is her favorite child?

17.  What is her favorite sweet treat?
Rice Krispie treats
Crush candy?  Big Hunk.

18.  You're in jail and you call her; what does she say to you?
I can't get you out because I know what you did put you in there
It's your fault
EMMY!  I'm so mad at you!
I'm sorry for you

Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Saturday, May 06, 2017

GOTR 2017

Yep, another year of Girls on the Run.  This was a little different than the previous 5 years.  I wasn't a coach.  Instead, I was a running buddy - I came to every Thursday practice and ran with the girls.  It was nice not having the "teaching" responsibility, but I've already committed myself to coaching next year.  :)

Also, Emmy was an official GOTR girl ("Goat-er girl," as Ben calls them).  You have to be in 3rd-5th grade and so this was Emmy's first time that she was a registered runner.

I looked at her time from last year and it was 38 minutes.  This year?  32:42.  Wahoo!  She did really great.  She wanted to walk towards the end, but we were too close to the finish and so I wouldn't let her.  :)  It was a warm day and so we were all hot by the end.

The rest of the crew came to cheer Emmy on as she crossed the finish line.  It was pretty great.

 As a result of fundraising (thanks to those who helped!), Emmy won a pink tutu to run in.  She's a pretty cute runner if I do say so myself.

 There she is crossing the finish line!  Wahoo.

Team Maxwell Girls.  :)  I can't wait until Lucy joins us . . . in a few more years . . .

Jonas' Track and Field Day

Every year the 5th graders from the entire district get together at the high school for a track and field day.  It's pretty awesome.  Kids get to try some cool events that they normally wouldn't get to - like the high jump, the standing jump, and all sorts of running races (anywhere from the 50M sprint to the 1-mile), etc.  Each student is involved in about 4 events.  Jonas ended up doing the hurdles (mini-hurdles), 2 relay-races, and the 200M sprint.  I ended up helping out at the high-jump all day - but I had time to watch him in 3 of his 4 events.  Although it was a hot day and there was a lot of "Hispanic panic" among the Northside girls (oh the drama - and excuse the less-than-politically-correct term, but Ben asked me if they were all Hispanic [which they were] and shared the term with me . . . ), it all turned out well.  Jonas had fun.  It lasted all day long - in fact, the buses were all delayed 15 minutes because it went on for a little too long.  Anyways, it was pretty fun watching these kids from all over.  As I was at the high jump, I saw how much better they boys were than the girls.  The difference was crazy.  Okay, a few pictures:

 Ivan and Jonas - best friends.  They will be going to different middle schools next year.  Sniff, sniff.

 The Northside 5th-graders!

 Hurdles!  Yep, Jonas knocked that first one down.  :)  But he still did well.

 Jonas taking off for his relay-race.

 Go, Jonas, go!

 Just hanging out on the grass -  he just got in trouble for throwing the grass . . . :)

 This was Jonas running in the 200M sprint.  He actually did pretty decent.  :)


One more step closer to finishing up Jonas' Northside education.  Sniff, sniff.

Monday, May 01, 2017

Celebrating 15 years

As Ben and I had never gone somewhere, without our kids, for more than one night, our 2-day/2-night trip was very anticipated.  I almost felt giddy at times just thinking about it.  :)

Luckily we had convinced Ben's parents in to coming out and watching our kids while he and I went away.  :)

Ben and I left on Friday afternoon and went to Redstone, CO.  A town of 92, is what I think the sign read.  There is a famous Redstone Castle there, but it was closed and I was fine with that.  As soon as we checked in to the historic Redstone Inn, we got on our bikes and rode through the town and on some off-streets.  It was completely delightful - in spite of, and perhaps because of, the snowstorm that fell on us as we rode.  It's a neat area with some really large homes and one home/cabin that I really, really, really want.  It was a perfect evening bike-ride.

We ate dinner at the hotel and attempted to watch a movie.  But working three nights in a row was too much for me and I fell asleep quite quickly.  Ben wasn't long in joining me in slumber.  :)

After breakfast on Saturday morning we checked out of our Inn and drove to the town of Marble.  It's a messy, trashy town, to be quite honest.  But we weren't planning on hanging out in the town, but going on a bike ride to the photographically famous Crystal Mill.

It was quite the adventure to the mill.  We had extremely rocky terrain.  Snow patches to cross over.  One particular steep, snowy area to cross and hope to not slip and slide down the snow into the river below.  An enormous avalanche field.  Etc.  It was cold, but we warmed up and even took our coats off (although we did leave our snow pants on).

The Crystal Mill was quite picturesque!  We walked a little past it to the town of Crystal and just didn't know what to think of it . . . it was this weird mix of a ghost-town with still-inhabited (at least sometimes in the summer, we assumed) cabins.

After our mountain biking adventure, we made it back to our car and quickly drove out of Marble.  We made it to the gas station in Carbondale with a whopping 5 miles left in our tank.  We like to live on the edge.

We checked in to another historic hotel, this one the Hotel Colorado.  After we checked in we went to the Glenwood Hot Springs and enjoyed the hot water soak.  We ate dinner and then ended up watching Titanic, as it was on the TV.  Ha.  I think I had even just talked about it that day and thought maybe our kids could watch it.  Good thing we watched it again; our kids will not be watching it any time soon.  Ha.

On Sunday we went and attended all three hours of the Glenwood ward's church services.  It was great and we made several connections with people there.  We took a lovely walk along the river in Glenwood and then made our way back home.

It was practically the perfect get-away.  Sure, instead of 32-degrees on Saturday, it could have been warmer.  But that just adds to the adventure of it all!

 Me in front of the Redstone Inn on Friday afternoon.  We stayed in the Clock Tower room.  See the windows right under the clock?  Those were our room windows!

 Ben and our car and our bikes - ready for an epic ride to Crystal Mill.

 On the trail.  A pretty smooth part!

 Ben with some snow behind him.  That was nothing, though.  We crossed much bigger snow patches - sometimes trying to ride our bikes over it (sometimes succeeding, sometimes not).

 This just shows some of the avalanche field that we had to cross over.  It was immense and just scary to see its power of destruction.

 We mocked the dumb and ugly "POSTED" signs all over the rocks on the trail (which was a 4x4 road).  What was being "POSTED"?  We had our guess (No Trespassing) but it didn't ever say that on its bright, yellow signs.

 The Crystal Mill!  Beautiful, huh?!  It is supposedly the most photographed mill in Colorado.

 A "couplie." (You know, a selfie but as a couple.  Those are what we like to do!)  Yes, the mill is out of focus, but the we've-been-married-for-15-years-couple is not.  :)

 Another picture of the avalanche and the crazy destruction it caused.

A very dapper Ben in front of the Hotel Colorado.

Here's to another 15 . . . and another . . . and another . . . and another . . . . . . .

April 27th, 2017

This was our 15th year anniversary - go us!  It was bit of a busy day.  I slept for a few hours in the morning, as I had worked the previous THREE nights.  I got up, swam, made cookies, helped with a project at the school, helped with the GOTR practice 5k at our school, bought (not made!) dinner, and then went to Lucy's music recital.  It was quite the day.

Ben was busy with work, of course.  He did get home in the early afternoon and was able to welcome his parents to our home.  We spent time together at the recital - and that was it for our "official anniversary."  Ben did make a rhubarb pie that he and I ate after the recital and after the cookie-eating kids were to bed.  :)

I do want to mention how Emmy totally rocked the practice 5K.  So Emmy is now an official Girl on the Run.  Now that she is in the 3rd-grade, she can actually be a part of the program.  And, as it would turn out, I decided not to coach this year.  I am a running buddy (an official title in the program) and have attended every Thursday practice at Northside.

Anyways, they always have a practice 5K before the "real deal" on May 6th - with students from Montrose, Olathe, Delta, and who knows where else.

And guess who was the first one to finish the practice 5K?!  You got it . . . Emmy!  It was awesome.  She's one of the littlest gals there, but she did it.  She wasn't planning on being first . . . until we heard the "fast girls" talking about how many more laps they had and Emmy realized she had less to do and could beat them.  :)  I don't like bragging about my kids, but it was really fantastic.  I ran the last 2 miles with her and was able to keep her on a good and steady pace - not too slow and not too fast (something most of the girls, Emmy included, have a hard time doing on their own).

Of course I was proud of all the girls - they all did it and finished within an hour.  Even cute Izzy (a special-needs girl) finished.  The same Izzy that I walked/jogged with on her first few laps and was told by her, "I'm tired!  My legs hurt!  When are we done?!"  Haha.  She was adorable as she ran through the toilet-paper finish line.  :)  Emmy thought it was about the cutest thing - seeing Izzy totally grinning and so happy to have done it.  Emmy has a very soft-spot for special-needs children.

Anyways, back to our anniversary . . . the celebration really started the next day . . .

Let's Play Music, Recital #2

Lucy just finished up her second year of the Let's Play Music program.  Her teacher was, once again, the lovely Ms. Marie.  This year the students were all playing the keyboard - "pre-piano."

Lucy, once again, loved her music class.  She had a bit more homework this year - practicing "songs" each week.  For the most part, Lucy loved practicing and it was always sweet to hear her play - especially when it was just for fun.

To end the season, they had a recital.  And just like last year - it was adorable.  Unfortunately, all my adorable pictures got corrupted.  Fortunately, Ben's parents were there and we were able to get a few good ones:

 Lucy before the recital.  She was very excited!

 Ms. Marie and her students performing one of their "rap" songs - Boss C, I think.

 Lucy's solo was the song Robin Hood.  She nailed it!  :)

 Lucy playing her solo while the other students sing along.

 With about a dozen or so people taking pictures, it was hard for everyone to know where to look.  :)  This isn't the whole group - one from the night was missing, plus 2 others were sick and couldn't make it at all.  What a cute group!  Lucy had four students in her class.  It was perfect and they were all cute friends.

Lucy and her beautiful grandma, Diana.  What a special night - and even more so to have grandparents there!

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Easter 2017

On Saturday morning the Easter Bunny had come and hidden our eggs in the front yard (the smart E.B. knows that we have dogs . . .).
 Even the teenager still likes looking for the eggs!

There were some tricky eggs hidden this year.  But, eventually, all eggs were found!

Then it was back inside to hunt for the Easter baskets.  Miles challenged the E.B. by stating a few days before Easter, "The Easter Bunny needs to hide the baskets better this year!"  Game On.  Most of the kids would not have found their baskets without a little help - especially Miles.

Lucy and her basket (or bag).  And Wilson - who liked the smells coming from it . . .

Sunday was a nice Easter Sunday.  We went to church, I taught sharing time to a bunch of noisy (sugar-high?) kids, and . . . Ben came home RIGHT after church.  I truly think this was the FIRST time he's done that since being called as bishop 4 1/2 years ago!  Yes, when we are visiting somewhere else, of course he comes with us.  And, yes, after stake conferences he usually (but definitely not always) comes home with us.  But a regular Sunday in our ward?  Never.  It was great.

We made our resurrection rolls - this year doing homemade rolls.  They were amazing.  My kids asked why we can't have resurrection rolls all year long . . . :)  The missionaries stopped by to drop off something and we gave them some, too.  So good and so fun.

I had forgotten to get Easter Sunday pictures before church . . . so we did them like after dinner or something!  
We didn't buy any "new" dresses - but I did find the girls each a dress at a second-hand store.  Cute.

I think this is my favorite picture of all time of my kids.  I love it so much.  They look like they like each other!  (Which, I guess, sometimes they do!)

Happy Easter!

Some of this, some of that

The kids wanted to do this picture-thing at the mall in St. George.  So I let them - I remember getting them with my friends back in the days.  :)  Cute, cute.  The kids thought they were pretty great!
 Miles' wrestling team.  Go Braves!

 Our March calendar - better late than never in posting this, I guess!

 On Friday we dyed Easter Egg.  We dyed them with shaving cream - fun, but not so effective.  :)

 Hard at work.

 Working hard.

There are the eggs - sitting in the shaving cream/food coloring mixture.