Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Out with the Old . . . In with the New

Here are some pictures reflecting the end of 2016:

December, what a month!  Decembers are always busy - but in the most fun way.  :)

Here are our year-end interviews of the kids:  (If you want, you can click on them to make them bigger and easier to read!)

Now on to 2017 . . . like last year, we decided to go cross-country to celebrate the New Year.  Seeing as New Years was on Sunday, we went the day after.  We went up to the Grand Mesa and it was grand.  It was cold, but once we got moving for a bit, we warmed up.

 The gang skiing!

 The girls did really great, including Lucy.  She cried at first due to her hands hurting and being cold, but she hung in there and got all warmed up and had a great time - and did great.  We did a big loop that probably took us like 1 1/2 hours.  We were moving slowly, but it was still good.  :)

 Jonas had a great time!

 Miles would cruise ahead of us and then stop to eat the snow.  That's my Miles.

 Brigham was in HEAVEN.  He loved it!

 Both of us having fun in the winter wonderland.

 Brigham even got to pull the kids.  Sometimes it didn't work out and a kid would go down.  But they all (except for Jonas who didn't want a turn) had some good runs by Brigham.  Go, dog, go!

 Lunch time!  Boy was it cold when you stopped moving and had to help kids get their lunches.  Brrrr.

Ben and I then left the kids in the car and took Brigham and did a loop on our own.  It was lovely and great!

Brig loved it and accumulated even more icicles on his beard.  :)  What's he looking up at, you ask?  Just the car-trunk - he hates it and hates it even more when it goes down.  Brigham is not a fan of the car!

Anyways, a fun way to begin the 2017 New Year!


erinmalia said...

This is so amazing. I love the picture of all your kids in the back of the car.

Niederfam said...

I too LOVE that picture with them eating in the back of the car.....AND LOVE the year end interviews too.......