Monday, January 09, 2017

Snow Day #3

We have had three snow days since my kids have been in school.  Which is really quite insane considering the first snow day we had was the first one declared in this district in like 20 years!  As it started snowing on Thursday my kids kept talking about a snow day and I was like, "No way!"  Miles' ski-club trip to Telluride was canceled (thank goodness - I did not want him riding a bus up there in the snowy conditions!), but by 9pm school was still on.

But by 9:30 on Thursday night, school was called off for Friday.  I was really shocked and thought it was kind of lame - I mean, we only had like 9-10 inches.  Until I talked to a friend who said it was most likely due to the snow AND cold temps - it was like -1 at 8am on Friday.  I guess my friend had seen a lot of comments on a facebook message board from parents who didn't want their kids standing out for who-knows-how-long in freezing temps waiting for buses that we were already told were going to be late due to the snow.  That made a little more sense.  :)

Anyways, it was a fine snow day.  The kids played out in front for hours and built snow-forts.  In fact, I think the boys built them all, one for each of them.  The kids came in and had hot cocoa - it was a quintessential snow-day.  :)

Ben and I (and Brigham) even got to escape for a bit and went cross-country skiing for about an hour. in the late afternoon  It was pretty great - and freezing!

 Miles and his fort.

Jonas working on his.

 The front of Jonas' fort.

 Emmy in her fort.

 Lucy peeking out of her fort.

The last one:  Miles inside his fort.  :)

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erinmalia said...

You make snow days look fun! Mine just look like a mess of wet clothes by the door and boys who are too tired. :)