Monday, January 16, 2017


So we haven't had any big activities going on and so I thought I would bore everyone with an update.  :)

Ben - He could possibly be in his last year of being the bishop.  It seems like our stake is pretty good with keeping bishops for about 5 years.  So we'll see!  We left the kids all under Miles' watch and went on a date last Saturday (that's pretty monumental news).  We went out to lunch and then went to the pottery place and painted mugs.  It was fun and long - almost 4 hours.  I don't think we've ever left the kids for that long with just Miles.  But they all survived and no one killed anyone and all were happy when we got home.  Amazing.

Me - I worked last week and it was okay.  We got a new washing-machine - Ben pretty much picked it out.  Of course we talked about it . . . but Ben is actually the picky-type (about some things) and so I let him do a lot of the research.  :)  But we ended up with a Speed Queen.  The week + without the washing machine was awesome (i.e., I didn't do any laundry!).  The past week has been full of doing laundry.  But the machine is great and we love it.  I am determined to go either cross-country skiing or snowshoeing this week with a friend.

Miles - He got a 4.0 on his last quarter/semester report card.  So cool.  He really likes school.  He has decided - completely on his own as I would have dissuaded otherwise - to join wrestling again this year.  I'm super proud of him for doing it - it's just hard to watch . . . But a lot of friends from the ward are doing it as well and so he has already had a lot of fun - although it's still just "preseason."  His hair is longer than Emmy's.  I'm done nagging him to get a trim (I like it long and so does he - but he does need a trim) and so I told him I'll take him when he asks me to.  Overall, he's a pretty decent kid!

Jonas - Wow, we've struggled with this kid lately.  His moanings and such have intensified.  He can also be really, really rude to his siblings.  It's not cool.  At times, we just don't know what to do with him.  His responses are often of the wimpy-type and usually quite dramatic.  At other times, he can be just fine!  He loves scouts and swimming and is always happy when coming back from them.  He always wants to play with friends - but hasn't been able to as much as he wants to because he needs to be nicer to his siblings.  :)  He can be great, but can also be just plain awful.

Emmy - She is now on the "team" in gymnastics.  Their competition season begins in the fall and so she has all this year to improve her routines.  She really likes gymnastics and doesn't even mind going for 3 hours on Saturdays.  Lucy went to a birthday party the other night and Emmy was so sad that Lucy was going to be gone for a whole three hours - I told Emmy it would be just fine and she could have a little break from Lucy.  Emmy responded, "But I don't want a break from Lucy!"  It was cute.

Lucy - She loves, loves, loves school.  She's happy and a good student.  She loves to play with her friends at recess.  She loves her little pre-piano music class and plunks on the piano quite a bit.  She has practice, i.e., homework, and she'll also just play for fun.  It's great!  She gets to have all her friends from music class (just three others) over on Saturday for a play-date, lunch, and to watch the Disney version of Robin Hood.  Robin Hood is a song the kids play in music and so I was inspired by that.  She is beyond excited.  She lost a tooth this morning.

Brigham - He loves running with me.  He loves being shaggy.

Wilson - Yes, he is still alive - it amazes us all!  15 years old in May . . . if he makes it.  He shows no signs of not making it, but ya never know.  He loves getting in to our trash 1,000 times a day - even within 15 seconds of us shutting the door on his snout and yelling (really loudly as he is deaf) "NO!"

A few, random pictures:
 Whoops, we actually went skiing to Powderhorn on the 7th.  It was a slightly stressful and frustrating ski-trip for our family, but I think the kids enjoyed it overall.  Jonas tried snowboarding for the first half of the day (no, we didn't get a single picture!  :( ).  Ben taught him and thought he was doing pretty great for a first-timer.  It was a cold day, though, and I was just freezing for it all.  Lucy rocked it.  The other kids are pretty decent, solid skiers and it's fun to go with them.  Jonas outgrew the one-piece that Emmy is wearing in the above photo.  So I asked Emmy if she wanted to wear it - I don't know why, but I love it.  Yep, she got called a boy - but she likes that.  :)  Also, some man told her on several different occasions that she has the best ski outfit ever.  Haha.

On Sunday Emmy tried to surprise Lucy and sew her a skirt.  The idea was super cute, but the execution . . . not so much.  Emmy just doesn't have that much experience with sewing - and we can blame her (not wanting to learn) and myself (not always having the time).  Anyways, we decided to find some simpler projects - which we did, and then decided that we'd go to Joann's on Monday and get some fabric for it.  Well we did go and get some supplies for those projects, but we didn't get around to them today because the girls decided to buy these fleece-blanket "kits" as well.  They were 50% and so cost the girls $10 each.  The kits came with 2 pieces of fleece that we cut slits in and then tied.  The girls LOVE their blankets and so do I.

 Emmy, with help from Miles, tied all of her blanket.  Lucy, with the help of myself and Emmy, tied hers.  Lucy actually did quite a bit and I was impressed with both of the girls.

Super cute!

The end.

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I just got a new SpeedQueen too!!! That's hilarious.....and I let Preston pick it out too!