Sunday, February 05, 2017

A Few Random Pics

 Like I mentioned in my last post, the beginning of February started out busy for me.  I had worked the last two days of January - Monday and Tuesday nights.  Then on February 1st I hosted a baby shower for a young gal in our ward.  It's sort of a long story of how/why I did it . . . but I did.  The weekend before I was busy dyeing onesies, getting the fabric ready to iron-on to the onesies, and lots more "stuff."  On Wednesday I got a bit of a nap after work, woke up and set up the room, then got the kids from school, took Lucy to music class and ran with Brigham during his class-time, then got home and got our dinner ready - and then shower-time.  Busy, busy.  But it all worked out and it was a nice baby-shower (I had delegated the food and cake to other people and that was brilliant!).

 Saturday morning, three of our four kids had activities going on.  Miles went cross-country skiing with the Young Women and Young Men.  They went all the way up to the Grand Mesa.  Jonas went ice-climbing in Ouray with the 11 year-old scouts.  And Emmy had gymnastics.  All their activities started at 8:30, just about.  So then we found a play-date for Lucy, for two reason:  1.  So she wouldn't totally be bored with just mom and dad around and 2.  So Ben and I could go cross-country skiing.  Skiing we did!  It was great!

Yep, Brigham came along - of course.  He loves it, too!

Lucy got our Superhero CTR Girl from Primary last week.  I forgot about it all week long because I left it in my Sunday bag.  But I remembered this morning and so we grabbed a picture of Lucy doing her reading/homework.  (If you get the superhero, you are to choose the right and have a parent take a picture of you.)

 Jonas getting ready to ice-climb last Saturday!

 So cool - haha.

These pictures are actually from the last Saturday in January.  The young men got to go ice-fishing on Blue Mesa Reservoir.  It was a mere -27 degrees.  Yes, that is a minus there.  AIYIYI.  Miles had fun (he's in the light striped coat), albeit he was a bit cold.  :)

That's it for now.


erinmalia said...

now these are some REAL winter activities! here, we're just staying inside. ha.

Niederfam said...

Day dates are the BEST.........especially when they involve SKI's.......