Thursday, February 16, 2017

Hair Cuts

My girls got their hair cut today.  For Lucy, it was a trim.  A much-needed trim of 3 inches.  
She really wanted me to take a picture of her.  Cute, as always.

So Emmy decided a few weeks ago that she wanted a "pixie cut."  We had discussed that before, but I think after her teacher got her hair cut real short, Emmy soooo wanted to as well.  She LOVES her hair cut.  I love it, too!  But sometimes I wonder if it's just a little too boyish?  But her pretty face does a pretty good job of making her not look too boyish.  At least, I think.  She was brave to go for such a style.  Go Emmy!

And if I wasn't getting ready for our 2-day ski trip and then trip up to Littleton for the rest of our long weekend, I'd tell you a bit more.

Like about how Lucy lost her boo a couple of weeks ago.  So sad!  For all of us - well, I don't think Miles and Jonas were too affected by it, but the rest of us were quite saddened.  But Lucy handled it well and has taken to a new boo just fine.  New rule, though:  The girls' boo's do not leave the house (unless traveling overnight).

If I had more time I would tell you how BeSeRk! Emmy has gotten the past two Sundays when I've told her she can't bring her boo to church.  BeSeRk is actually a kind word to describe her on those mornings.  In fact, I was ready to tell our Stake President that Ben can no longer be Bishop because I can't handle many more of those mornings with Emmy.  Ha.  But I didn't.

If I had more time I would tell you how I went to the OR on Monday and watched Ben do his job - and got to see a cool and brutal total-knee replacement.  It was crazy!  Ben was great.  I only felt like passing-out the first minute or 2 of surgery, and then I was totally fine.

Okay, it looks like I'm procrastinating the final packing details of our trip.  Blech.  I better go . . .


erinmalia said...

love the hair! DUDE. i totally want to see what ben does. i would so watch a TV show with real surgeries.

Niederfam said...

I don't think I'd last 2 seconds in the OR........GOOD FOR YOU.

LOVE the pixie haircut.