Tuesday, February 21, 2017

To Ski Cooper and Beyond . . .

So we went on our annual 2-day ski trip last weekend - on Friday and Saturday.  We went to a small ski resort called Ski Cooper.  I was already in love before we ever got there because of its adorable logo:

We left early (5am) on Friday morning so we could get there and have a full day of skiing.  The drive was fine - the getting ready for skiing . . . not so fine.  We had some minor (or perhaps major) issues with Jonas and his lack of ability in getting himself booted up (or in figuring out what to do . . . like ask for help?!).  It's a long story and one I do not want to rehash.  Suffice it to say, we had to leave him struggling in the car and told him we hoped to see him on the mountain.  It wasn't too long afterwards that he had apparently and miraculously figured out how to get himself ready.  Luckily that was the biggest hang-up of our trip.

Skiing was great.  I really enjoyed Ski Cooper and thought it was a perfect place for our family.  The runs were fun and Lucy was able to ski on runs that weren't so babyish (i.e., flat) - they were actually fairly sloped and so everyone could enjoy skiing on it. We skied all day Friday - on a lovely bluebird day.  You'll see pictures of some slightly sun-burned kids later.  We did end up buying a teeny-tiny tube of sunblock for like $8.  Awesome.

After skiing we went to our house that I had rented online.  It stunk a bit when we entered and that soured our perception of the place.  But, really, it wasn't that bad.  Just not really nice.  :)  We cooked up the spaghetti and meatballs I had already prepared and ate a good dinner and then watched  a movie.  The kids were in bed and asleep before 9pm.

Saturday we were on the slopes by 9am and enjoyed another full-day of skiing.  Lucy improved a lot from day 1 to day 2.  She was doing super great on day 1, but by day 2 her turns didn't cover the entire slopes and she was cruising down the mountain.  (The videos you'll see are from day 1.)  Miles and the three older kids skied with Ben until lunchtime, while I skied with Lucy.  Then we switched, although Emmy went with Ben; Lucy was delighted with that.  The kids loved going through some "tree runs."  Corkscrew was a favorite - especially of Miles'.  Lucy even go to do a couple and had fun.  Oh, and Emmy ran in to a tree on Corkscrew.  Luckily she wasn't going fast and no damage was done.  :)

After skiing we cruised to Littleton (no ski traffic, what?!).  We had a great time with family in Littleton - staying with Jim and Diana, going to church with them on Sunday, hanging out at Joe and Britt's the rest of the day, and hiking on Monday (Ben and Joe went mountain biking together, instead.).  We got the best of two worlds: a ski trip and a visit with family.

 The kids all enjoyed this lift - you basically stuck a plate behind ya, held on to the bar, and skied up.  :)

 Two of the four ready to ski!

 Ben and Lucy.

 Sun-burned kids.

 Eating breakfast and watching some ocean show.

 Miles and Emmy on the second-to-last run of the trip.  Miles' favorite:  Corkscrew!

 The whole family!



erinmalia said...

Other than Jonas's freakout, this sounds like an AMAZING weekend! I hope you ate good food too, because that would make it perfect. Oh, and no rain so excellent! (I'm having a hard time even remembering what snow even feels like because our total this year is less than 1". hahaha.)

Niederfam said...

AHHH sunburned skiing is the BEST. That logo is DREAMY. Sorry about he freakout....KIDS.