Wednesday, March 15, 2017

CMU Swim Meet

We signed up Jonas for a swim meet up in Grand Junction on the CMU campus.  Jonas didn't totally want to do it, but because it's for experience we make our kids do things they don't want to do.  :)

We had to divide and conquer that day (last Saturday) as Miles had a wrestling meet in Delta.  I stayed here/Delta and watched Miles, picked up Emmy from gymnastics, then went back to Delta and spent the rest of the afternoon watching Miles.  (I'll post a separate post on Miles - but we didn't get any pictures and so we'll take pictures at his last meet this Saturday and I'll do a write-up then.)

Ben, Jonas, and Lucy went to Junction.  It was pretty cool, I guess, to be on the campus and at the college's pool.  Jonas has only done "home meets" and so he mentioned that it was cool to swim somewhere different.

As Jonas was in the slower heats, I had hopes it would get a few first or second finishes in his heats.  But that was not the case.  He was just slow-ish on Saturday.  I mean, he still did well by finishing up all his events (sort-of, more on that soon) - but he was pretty much last (last-ish?) in all his races.

His first even was the the 200 Team Medley.  Jonas swam backstroke and unfortunately disqualified his team by not judging his strokes correctly and messing up on his flip-turn and having to do a few "non-backstroke" strokes to the wall - which disqualified him and his team.  His coach reminded him of how often they had practiced that  . . . but that he tends to goof off a bit in practice (What?!  Just kidding, sounds like Jonas . . .).  Hopefully he'll learn from that.  He also did the 50 backstroke, the 100 Individual Medley, and the 100 Freestyle.  I'm still proud of him for doing it all!  But, darn it, I also want one of my kids to actually win (Gosh, I'd even take a top-3 finish) in a sport.  There, I said it.  :)

 One of Jonas' biggest and cutest fans.  :)

 Jonas is closest to the left.  This is him getting ready for the relay - doing backstroke.

 He is a cute, little swimmer!  Someday I think he'll be a cute and fast swimmer!  :)

 They ate lunch and watched a softball game on campus.  It was lovely weather!

There's Jonas going off the block (in the middle with the blue cap)!

When asked by someone how he did at the swim meet, Jonas replied, "Good-ish."  :)

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Go Jonas! Go swimming!