Thursday, March 09, 2017

Happy Birthday TEENAGER

Dear Teenage Son,

Miles, you are now a teenager.  Emmy talks about how some of the kids in her grade think they are cool because they have teenager-siblings.  Now Emmy is cool like them, thanks to you.

Another year older and another year wiser, right?!  I think you've gotten wiser.  We just went to parent-teacher conference tonight at your school and all of your teachers seem to think you are quite wise.  :)  Your reading teacher again told me how you are "off the charts" in the school's online reading curriculum.  You are doing college-level reading and assessments (since you passed every level through the 12th grade) and are scoring very well on them.  You are a reading-teacher's dream and she does adore you.

We also spoke with your CREW teacher.  CREW is a special class your school does - more like a "character-building" class.  Your teacher shared an experience in which you kind of stood up for and shared some positive qualities about a kid in the group that gets picked on a lot.  She, and I, were greatly impressed.

You're doing wrestling again this year.  I did not encourage you - nor discourage you.  You wanted to all on your own.  You like it, I guess!  You even won one match so far this season (which is one more than last year!)  Shall we mention how you lost a match to a girl?  :)  You have practice today on your birthday - even though you have no school today.  I thought you would be bummed about it.  I even tried to sweeten the deal (literally) by offering to bring in donuts for your birthday.  You seemed pretty embarrassed by that offer and quickly told me no and that you don't want any birthday celebrations at school (and you didn't seem bummed about having to go to wrestling practice at 7am on your day off of school).  Sigh . . . I guess you are becoming a teenager.  Sniff, sniff.

As nice as it would be to have our oldest child be a girl (those natural mothering instincts come in handy!), you have turned out to be a pretty great oldest child.  You're bossy, sure.  You're annoying at times, yep.  But you are also an excellent example to your younger siblings.  When it comes to moral choices, you rock it.  (When it comes to not annoying everyone in your household . . . you sometimes don't rock it.)  You really do Choose the Right at school and around your friends.  Even though you hear swear-words "all the time," you don't say them.  You are nice to kids that others aren't nice to.  You really do try to make good gospel-choices.  You are generally happy and positive.  You are a fantastic student - even getting a 4.0 last semester (and winning $50 from a local bank for those grades!).  You have good homework-ethics.  Usually.

You had a big year - you became a deacon (and your father likes to now call you "Deacon Miles"), you pass the sacrament, you go to Young Mens and mutual nights, you went to a week-long scout-camp and a week-long camp with Coach Kirk during the summer, you began your middle-year of middle school.  You even BABYSAT.  In fact, you just did that last night for your very first time!  Our neighbor/friends needed to go to parent-teacher conferences at school with their kindergartner (Genevieve - one of Lucy's friends) and wanted to leave their sleeping toddler at home.  So you just made sure he didn't wake up and need something.  You got $5 for your 30-minutes of babysitting.  Emmy was extremely jealous.

A silly thing that drives me crazy about you is that you like to tuck-in your shirts.  Yeah, some moms would like that.  Not me.  But the biggest problem is when you tuck-in your shirt without a belt.  Ugh.  When I tell you how geeky you look (in the nicest of ways, of course), you proudly tell me, "I am a geek!"  I'm not sure if you are or not . . . but that doesn't mean you have to dress like one.  Haha.

You are maturing.  We see more and more glimpses of it each day - or at least each week.  Sure, you still have your quirks that drive your parents and siblings crazy at times, but you also do and say things that surprise me because they are . . . the mature thing to do or say.  I now have great hopes that you will become a fully-matured man at some point in your life!  :)

You're a good kid Miles.  In fact, when it comes down to what really matters - you're a pretty great kid.

I love you.  Love,