Sunday, March 19, 2017

Miles' 2nd Wrestling Season

Miles gave wrestling a try last year in middle school.  It was his first "official" go of it.  It's a short season, but packed.  Practices are every day - Monday through Friday - for about 1 1/2 hours.  Then the Saturday meets go on F.O.R.E.V.E.R.  Luckily the practice season lasts for 6 weeks and the meets go on for 4 Saturdays.  So it is definitely doable.

Miles did not win a single match last year.  But he was never really down about that.  So when this year came around I was curious if he would want to do wrestling again.  I did not discourage nor encourage him.  But he told me that he was going to do it again this year.  Okay, let's go get that physical then!

It was a good season.  There were a few friends from church that were on the team, plus just the other guys that Miles had gotten to know from last year.  So it was fun for him - he didn't even spend every meet reading the whole time (which he did last year - except for the few minutes he actually spent wrestling . . .).  At the meets he was chatting with friends (one meet he spent hanging out the whole time almost with the opponent he had just beaten.  They had wrestled against each other a few times during the other meets.) and just hanging out with the team.  Now don't think he became super social and all - but he was more social than last year, that's for sure.  He still did do some reading as well and almost read a whole book at one meet.  But that wasn't all he did - which was different than last year.

Miles ended up winning 5 matches this year.  That's 500% better than last year!  Amazing, right?  Now he couldn't really contend with those stronger, more experienced wrestlers and would often get pinned - but not every time.  But when there were kids who were a little more like him - new to the sport, etc., he had a chance.  He ended up pinning one kid - but I was late for that meet and missed it!  Bummer.

I had a couple of coaches tell me, towards the end of the season, how Miles was really improving this year and it was like a "light switch had finally turned on in him."  Not that he's all of sudden a great wrestler, but that things were connecting with him and he was picking up on skills, etc.  It was fun to hear.

And see.  One of Miles' matches went in to 5(!) overtimes.  He kept preserving and trying and didn't give up.  He just barely lost that one.  Ben went to his final meet of the season this past Saturday.  He was truly impressed with Miles' first match - which he won 11 to 1.  He actually did moves and skills that earned him points!  He almost pinned his opponent twice.  It was fun for Ben to see that.  One of the really good wrestlers from the team commented, "Wow, Miles' dad must have spent all night going over wrestling moves with Miles."  Nope, that has yet to happen because of lack of interest on Miles' part.  (But perhaps that will change next year?!) Unfortunately he got pinned his next match, but he ended up taking 2nd (out of 3, haha).

Ben totally loved going to the meets.  He had fun watching Miles, Miles' friends, teammates, etc. Their team (Centennial Middle School) is quite good and has several really strong wrestlers.   The team ended up winning their last meet and got a big trophy.  Miles seemed pretty excited about that.

Anyways, it was a good season and Miles is already committed to doing it again next year!  :)

Ben got some pictures at Miles' last meet:
 You can hardly see Miles, but he's doing something good - per Ben.  :)

 Miles almost pinning his opponent!

 Getting ready for another period.

 Go Miles, go!

 Another round - I know that it's good to stand up from this point and get out of the opponent's grip.  I think you get a point for that.  (That's pretty much all I know about wrestling - except that you win if you pin the guy.)

 The final score - yay Miles!

The ref always raises the winner's arm.  Nice job Miles!

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Hooray for Miles! So fun to watch our kids grow.