Sunday, March 12, 2017

Miles' Teenage-Birthday

So this year was not a "friend's party" year for Miles.  (He just had one last year and we do them every four years.)  But he did have the whole day off from school (as opposed to the rest of the kids who had a half-day).  It was a very, very busy day!

I started it off by having to get everyone up early because, as Miles told me, all the siblings wanted him to open up their gifts before school.  Miles still had wrestling to go to - and it was at 7am.  So everyone was awoken a little after six.  They all had a sleep-over the night before . . .

 Rise and shine kids!

 The kids all bought (or in no-allowance-Lucy's case, made) Miles a gift.  We did not ask nor really even suggest it.  You'd think they were nice kids who liked each other if you didn't live with them all the time.  Ha.  Anyways, Emmy bought him a book from the school's book fair.  Jonas bought him some pokemon cards.  Lucy gave him a picture she had colored at school.

Then Miles was off on his bike to wrestling practice and the rest of the kids got ready and then went to school.  When Miles got back from practice (and dropping off his dad's forgotten lunch . . .), we started on his birthday cake:
 Cheesecake!  Miles does not really like the typical birthday-cakes and so this was his request.  I was going to have him make the entire thing, but we were running short of time (already and it was only 8:30!) and so I helped quite a bit.  :)

 Thursdays are the days I go swimming and so I took Miles along - plus Miles' friend Aiden.  They swam and played shuffleboard and stuff like that.  They had a good time.

Then it was a rush to go back home, grab some things, and then head over to the elementary school.  I was in charge of a dinner the PAC was doing for the teachers and staff as it was conference.  We were doing Hawaiian haystacks - and it turns out that if you're Mormon you have a significantly higher chance of knowing what Hawaiian haystacks are.  I had to write "instructions" because nobody really knew what they were (except for the principal!).  Anyways, we set up some stuff at a classroom and then it was off to Coldstone . . .
 Miles had won a gift-card there and wanted to take me there on his birthday.  So Patty watched my others kids at the school (they got out at noon) and Miles and I ran over for a Coldstone treat.  Yummy fun.

Then it was back to school for us as I had three parent-teacher conferences to attend.  The other kids just played at the playground or checked out the book-fair.

Then it was the doldrums . . . we had a couple hours of nothing (well, I was doing dishes, getting dinner ready, jumping on tramp with the girls, etc.).  Jonas practically sat by a window for 1 1/2 hours waiting for Ben to come home.  Yes, Jonas - not Miles.  I mean, Miles was anxious for Ben to come home so he could open his presents.  But Jonas was fixated on it.  It got pretty annoying . . . but I somehow survived.  :)

Ben finally got home and so Miles was able to open his gifts.  He got some fun and interesting things, but the thing he really wanted was a wooden puzzle box:
 It has like 7-10 steps to open it.  He loves, loves, loves it.

Then it was on to dinner - elk pasties and green beans.  Per Miles' request of course.  After that we all went to the Rec. center.  Jonas had swim lessons and Ben went with him to do laps.  I had reserved a racquetball court and we played some hand-ball and such for a bit.  Then the kids (and even I a few times) climbed the climbing wall.  When Jonas and Ben were done, we went home for some cheesecake:

 It turned out very rich and delicious!  (I think it was like my 2nd-time ever making cheesecake - or perhaps even my first?!)

Then (yes there is more!) we went downstairs to watch Miles' movie pick:  Ice Age, Continental Drift.  The kids were off on Friday and so luckily they didn't have to get up early and be alert in class
As always, the movie was funny.  I think Miles laughed the hardest.  :)

Whoowhee, what a day.  But you don't turn a teenager but once, so it might as well be a fun day!

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erinmalia said...

Okay, time for me to go to bed. That was exhausting. :) Happy birthday Miles! (Also, did we eat haystacks growing up? I really don't remember them at all. guess I'm not Mormon.)