Sunday, April 09, 2017

Capitol Reef, Day 1

I did all the sheet-washing and major cleaning at my parents' St. George home on Wednesday night so that we could head out pretty early on Thursday morning.  We left around 6:30; Ben left Montrose at 5:30.  We met up at the Fruita Campground in Capitol Reef.  Ben beat us by an hour - and had a camp-site (the campground was filled by 11 that morning) and tent all set-up by the time we found him.

After finishing setting up the camp, etc., we ate some lunch and then headed out for our first hike of the trip:  Sulphur Creek.  We had read about it online and it looked fun.  We checked with the ranger at the visitor center; he gave us some much-needed advice about navigating the 3rd waterfall we'd come to.  Otherwise, I'm not sure what we would have done!  Anyways, the hike was 6-miles long (thanks to having 2 cars!) and pretty fantastic.  The kids were pretty great, too.

 A nice couple from France offered to take our picture.   This was at the very beginning of our hike.

 Some sisterly love.

 The kids always love climbing the rocks and getting in those little nooks.

 "Bunk beds!"  Of course Miles got the top . . . such a big brother.  :)

 Lots of cool rocks were found in the wash area of the hike.

 The hike met up with Sulphur Creek and we enjoyed walking through it.  It was cool - but not freezing.  Fun!

 Yes, I know.  He's almost as tall me.  And I couldn't be more thrilled!

 A cool spot along the hike.

 Another shot to give you a bit more perspective -though, of course, photos don't do areas like this justice.

 We three girls enjoying the fun hike.

 The first waterfall.  Cool!

 A neat spot.

 Same spot.  Different angle.  Different people.

 The second waterfall.  See what a cool and fun hike it was!?

 A fun spot crossing the creek.  Lucy just looooves to be in pictures.  :)  Ben carried me across at this part.  Not, ahem, because I couldn't or wouldn't.  But because Emmy was just so wanting her dad to carry her mom across.  :)  It was a highlight of the hike for her and she was really excited to tell her brothers about it.  It was pretty cute.

Nearing the end!

All the kids did pretty great on the hike with only limited whining (none of which came from Miles . . ).

Loved it!

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erinmalia said...

So jealous! My kids (and I) would love this hike. What is it with kids and climbing?