Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Easter 2017

On Saturday morning the Easter Bunny had come and hidden our eggs in the front yard (the smart E.B. knows that we have dogs . . .).
 Even the teenager still likes looking for the eggs!

There were some tricky eggs hidden this year.  But, eventually, all eggs were found!

Then it was back inside to hunt for the Easter baskets.  Miles challenged the E.B. by stating a few days before Easter, "The Easter Bunny needs to hide the baskets better this year!"  Game On.  Most of the kids would not have found their baskets without a little help - especially Miles.

Lucy and her basket (or bag).  And Wilson - who liked the smells coming from it . . .

Sunday was a nice Easter Sunday.  We went to church, I taught sharing time to a bunch of noisy (sugar-high?) kids, and . . . Ben came home RIGHT after church.  I truly think this was the FIRST time he's done that since being called as bishop 4 1/2 years ago!  Yes, when we are visiting somewhere else, of course he comes with us.  And, yes, after stake conferences he usually (but definitely not always) comes home with us.  But a regular Sunday in our ward?  Never.  It was great.

We made our resurrection rolls - this year doing homemade rolls.  They were amazing.  My kids asked why we can't have resurrection rolls all year long . . . :)  The missionaries stopped by to drop off something and we gave them some, too.  So good and so fun.

I had forgotten to get Easter Sunday pictures before church . . . so we did them like after dinner or something!  
We didn't buy any "new" dresses - but I did find the girls each a dress at a second-hand store.  Cute.

I think this is my favorite picture of all time of my kids.  I love it so much.  They look like they like each other!  (Which, I guess, sometimes they do!)

Happy Easter!

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erinmalia said...

yep, i think you need to print that last picture really big. it's super good.