Tuesday, April 04, 2017

My 38th Birthday

I got back Sunday from my adventures; my birthday was Monday.  It was mostly spent in grocery planning and shopping, taking Brigham to the vet for another ear infection, making dinner, dropping off and picking up Miles and his friend at Peach Valley (they didn't have school that day), etc.  But I did get to see my parents that morning and so that was fun!  We also had a good evening of eating some delicious almond-extract-flavored rice krispie cake, with chocolate frosting (Miles decorated it).  We also watched Growing up Wild, a Disney documentary about baby animals growing up.  It was pretty adorable.

Miles first decorated my cake with a "36."  I had to correct him and he changed it to "38."  :)  This is Emmy's new "thing:"  to look serious, or something, in photos.

And, I got a new bike for my birthday!  My old bike stopped working - old, as in like 20 years old!  I want to be like my husband and ride my bike to work, plus go mountain-biking with Ben - so this was something I asked for.  I told Ben to pick it out - I wanted to have a surprise on my birthday.  It's an awesome bike and I'm anxious to ride it!

My mom got me this funny and cake server.  Awesome, love it.  :)

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erinmalia said...

WHAT?! I don't have a cake/pie server. Mom must like you better. Also, emmy's new no smile? So great. I hope she's still doing it in July. Um, how much almond extract do you put in? Because rice krispies and almond extract are two of my favorite things.