Tuesday, April 04, 2017

My pre-Birthday Bash

So I got the chance to go with a bunch of other ladies on a 4 day hiking/camping adventure in the Grand Escalante part of Utah.  We left after school drop-off on Wednesday morning and got back home Sunday afternoon.  It was a great trip - although it could have been slighly better weather.  Although it wasn't horrible.  Wednesday we drove most of the day and then got to camp and set it all up.  We went for a walk that evening and luckily cooked up dinner before the rain began.  It poured and thundered and lightninged that night.  But we all survived.  :)

Thursday was a bit cloudy with passing showers.  So we had to change around our plans of doing slot canyons or river-crossings that day and instead did 2 hikes - Lower Calf Creek falls and Upper Calf Creek falls.  Both were beautiful and great!

Friday we did our big 15-miles of hiking to the Golden Cathedral and Ringtail Slot Canyon.  The sun was out this day - luckily, as we had to cross the river about a dozen times.  At times, the river was up to my belly-button!  It was crazy, but fun, too.  We didn't get many pictures of that because everyone put their phone/cameras in packs, in dry-sacks.  Some of the ladies, and the 2 teenagers, managed to ride an inner-tube for some of it.  It was hilarious watching them tip over and such.  So fun.  The water was really cold!  It was an awesome day.  The Golden Cathedral was super neat and the Ringtail slot was super dark and super cool.  We didn't go too far in because it was getting late. 

On Saturday we did some cool slot canyons.  One was called Spooky and it was a little spooky - especially with looming rain clouds.  It was so narrow that for about 200 feet we had to hold our backs and walk side-ways.  It was crazy.  Then we went down Peek-a-Boo slot canyon.  It was shorter and super cool.  Lots of water puddles (thigh-high) to wade through.  It was super neat.  We had some spots where we had to hoist each other up through the rocks.

After hiking, we came back, took down camp, drove to Torrey, ate dinner, and then stayed the night there in a motel.  We then drove home on Sunday.  My parents had come over to help Ben with the kids.  All went well at home and they were all kept busy with music class, gymnastics, trip to the Rec. center, book club, Pinewood Derby, out to eat, etc., etc.

So I didn't take a single picture.  I didn't want to take our nice camera and ruin it with sand or water, etc.  Everyone had their cell-phones (and one teen had a nice camera) and so I just got pictures from them.  Unfortunately, they are all in random order and I am too lazy and just need to post this . . . so they are all out of order.  Anyways, here they are:

The beginning of our crossing of the Escalante River on Friday.

Lower Calf Creek falls on Thursday.

Spooky slot canyon - Saturday.

The Golden Cathedral - Friday.

Me, Geri, and Sherri at the Escalante - Friday.

A beautiful sunset.

Hanging out at camp - thank goodness for fire.  It was chilly.

Geri, me, Heather, Sherri, Amy, and Chris - Thursday.

Lower Calf Creek Falls - Thursday.

Me and Chris - Thursday.

This is at Upper Calf Creek falls area.  This is not the main waterfall, just a small one that went in to a pool.  The 2 teenagers (15 and 18?) eventually jumped into the pool.  Much to one of the mother's chagrin - she offered her son $50 to NOT jump.  :)  It was quite the funny times.

Looking down at our campsite.  It was an awesome, quaint spot!

Spooky slot canyon - Saturday.

The group of ladies - Amy, Brooke, Geri, Sherri, Chris, Sarah, me, and Heather.

The entrance to Ringtail slot canyon.  A very dark one!  Very cool.  Friday.

This was the exit of Peek-a-Boo slot canyon.  This was our entire group:  Tanner (15) and Tayler (18) in the back.  Then Sherri (Tayler's mom and group-organizer), Geri, Amy, Chris, Heather (Tanner's mom and group-organizer), Sarah, me, and Brooke (Geri's daugther; she came down on Friday night).

Golden Cathedral - Friday.

The start of Lower Calf Creek falls - Thursday.

Golden Cathedral, again.  :)

Inside Ringtail slot canyon - an "extra" excursion from Golden Cathedral.  Friday.

Inside Peek-a-Boo.  Saturday.

Best.  Picture.  Ever.  Haha, I was only pretending to die.

Going through a narrow spot in Spooky.

More Spooky.

The exciting exit of Peek-a-Boo.

Upper Calf Creek falls - Thursday.

There they finally go - Tanner and Tayler!  Brrrrrrr!

A section of the Upper Calf Creek hike.

Waiting for the kids to get their courage to go. :)

And that's it for pictures.  What an adventure!

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erinmalia said...

So cool! Man, the west is just full of dramatic things, including my not-dead sister. This looks so amazing.