Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Camp Cedaredge . . . that almost wasn't

So the fifth-graders worked all year (in fundraising and in being good students) for the chance to go on the overnight field trip to Camp Cedaredge.  It was scheduled for a Thursday and Friday in May.  Unfortunately, we got about 3 inches of snow here on Wednesday night/Thursday morning.  So the field trip ended up getting canceled!  It was such a bummer.  But the kids wouldn't have been able to do anything with all that wet, wet, snow.  So it made sense.  Luckily, though, they were able to reschedule it for the following Monday - but only for a day-trip.  Still, Jonas had a fantastic time.  Here are some of the pictures he got with his camera:

The "Screamer."  An obvious favorite of the kids.  :)

 This was . . . oh, I can't remember the name.  But you climb a tall tree, stand up, and try to jump to the trapeze bar.  Apparently only one kid even touched the bar.

 There goes Jonas!


A picture of some of the kids in Jonas' group.

At least Monday was a beautiful and dry day!

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erinmalia said...

Such a bummer, but what a good lesson for the kids to learn: sometimes life is a bummer! But looks like those kids took it in stride.