Monday, May 01, 2017

Celebrating 15 years

As Ben and I had never gone somewhere, without our kids, for more than one night, our 2-day/2-night trip was very anticipated.  I almost felt giddy at times just thinking about it.  :)

Luckily we had convinced Ben's parents in to coming out and watching our kids while he and I went away.  :)

Ben and I left on Friday afternoon and went to Redstone, CO.  A town of 92, is what I think the sign read.  There is a famous Redstone Castle there, but it was closed and I was fine with that.  As soon as we checked in to the historic Redstone Inn, we got on our bikes and rode through the town and on some off-streets.  It was completely delightful - in spite of, and perhaps because of, the snowstorm that fell on us as we rode.  It's a neat area with some really large homes and one home/cabin that I really, really, really want.  It was a perfect evening bike-ride.

We ate dinner at the hotel and attempted to watch a movie.  But working three nights in a row was too much for me and I fell asleep quite quickly.  Ben wasn't long in joining me in slumber.  :)

After breakfast on Saturday morning we checked out of our Inn and drove to the town of Marble.  It's a messy, trashy town, to be quite honest.  But we weren't planning on hanging out in the town, but going on a bike ride to the photographically famous Crystal Mill.

It was quite the adventure to the mill.  We had extremely rocky terrain.  Snow patches to cross over.  One particular steep, snowy area to cross and hope to not slip and slide down the snow into the river below.  An enormous avalanche field.  Etc.  It was cold, but we warmed up and even took our coats off (although we did leave our snow pants on).

The Crystal Mill was quite picturesque!  We walked a little past it to the town of Crystal and just didn't know what to think of it . . . it was this weird mix of a ghost-town with still-inhabited (at least sometimes in the summer, we assumed) cabins.

After our mountain biking adventure, we made it back to our car and quickly drove out of Marble.  We made it to the gas station in Carbondale with a whopping 5 miles left in our tank.  We like to live on the edge.

We checked in to another historic hotel, this one the Hotel Colorado.  After we checked in we went to the Glenwood Hot Springs and enjoyed the hot water soak.  We ate dinner and then ended up watching Titanic, as it was on the TV.  Ha.  I think I had even just talked about it that day and thought maybe our kids could watch it.  Good thing we watched it again; our kids will not be watching it any time soon.  Ha.

On Sunday we went and attended all three hours of the Glenwood ward's church services.  It was great and we made several connections with people there.  We took a lovely walk along the river in Glenwood and then made our way back home.

It was practically the perfect get-away.  Sure, instead of 32-degrees on Saturday, it could have been warmer.  But that just adds to the adventure of it all!

 Me in front of the Redstone Inn on Friday afternoon.  We stayed in the Clock Tower room.  See the windows right under the clock?  Those were our room windows!

 Ben and our car and our bikes - ready for an epic ride to Crystal Mill.

 On the trail.  A pretty smooth part!

 Ben with some snow behind him.  That was nothing, though.  We crossed much bigger snow patches - sometimes trying to ride our bikes over it (sometimes succeeding, sometimes not).

 This just shows some of the avalanche field that we had to cross over.  It was immense and just scary to see its power of destruction.

 We mocked the dumb and ugly "POSTED" signs all over the rocks on the trail (which was a 4x4 road).  What was being "POSTED"?  We had our guess (No Trespassing) but it didn't ever say that on its bright, yellow signs.

 The Crystal Mill!  Beautiful, huh?!  It is supposedly the most photographed mill in Colorado.

 A "couplie." (You know, a selfie but as a couple.  Those are what we like to do!)  Yes, the mill is out of focus, but the we've-been-married-for-15-years-couple is not.  :)

 Another picture of the avalanche and the crazy destruction it caused.

A very dapper Ben in front of the Hotel Colorado.

Here's to another 15 . . . and another . . . and another . . . and another . . . . . . .

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erinmalia said...

Hooray for TWO nights without kids! Just sorry it only took you 15 years. Also, what's up with your weather?! That weekend we hit 90 degrees. BLECH.

Re: first night falling asleep. Even with your working nights, I'm still surprised you fell asleep before Ben. That man is a champion sleeper!

I've never even heard of the Crystal Mill, but man, the pictures of it are awesome.

Re: Titanic. Isn't it funny how adults remember a show as totally fine...until you watch it? That's happened to us multiple times.