Saturday, May 06, 2017

GOTR 2017

Yep, another year of Girls on the Run.  This was a little different than the previous 5 years.  I wasn't a coach.  Instead, I was a running buddy - I came to every Thursday practice and ran with the girls.  It was nice not having the "teaching" responsibility, but I've already committed myself to coaching next year.  :)

Also, Emmy was an official GOTR girl ("Goat-er girl," as Ben calls them).  You have to be in 3rd-5th grade and so this was Emmy's first time that she was a registered runner.

I looked at her time from last year and it was 38 minutes.  This year?  32:42.  Wahoo!  She did really great.  She wanted to walk towards the end, but we were too close to the finish and so I wouldn't let her.  :)  It was a warm day and so we were all hot by the end.

The rest of the crew came to cheer Emmy on as she crossed the finish line.  It was pretty great.

 As a result of fundraising (thanks to those who helped!), Emmy won a pink tutu to run in.  She's a pretty cute runner if I do say so myself.

 There she is crossing the finish line!  Wahoo.

Team Maxwell Girls.  :)  I can't wait until Lucy joins us . . . in a few more years . . .


erinmalia said...

ACK! So much cuteness and strength and endurance! Love it!

erinmalia said...

Wait. Also, how did you get bib number 1?!