Monday, May 01, 2017

Let's Play Music, Recital #2

Lucy just finished up her second year of the Let's Play Music program.  Her teacher was, once again, the lovely Ms. Marie.  This year the students were all playing the keyboard - "pre-piano."

Lucy, once again, loved her music class.  She had a bit more homework this year - practicing "songs" each week.  For the most part, Lucy loved practicing and it was always sweet to hear her play - especially when it was just for fun.

To end the season, they had a recital.  And just like last year - it was adorable.  Unfortunately, all my adorable pictures got corrupted.  Fortunately, Ben's parents were there and we were able to get a few good ones:

 Lucy before the recital.  She was very excited!

 Ms. Marie and her students performing one of their "rap" songs - Boss C, I think.

 Lucy's solo was the song Robin Hood.  She nailed it!  :)

 Lucy playing her solo while the other students sing along.

 With about a dozen or so people taking pictures, it was hard for everyone to know where to look.  :)  This isn't the whole group - one from the night was missing, plus 2 others were sick and couldn't make it at all.  What a cute group!  Lucy had four students in her class.  It was perfect and they were all cute friends.

Lucy and her beautiful grandma, Diana.  What a special night - and even more so to have grandparents there!

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erinmalia said...

Way to go Lucy! Way to work hard for something and get it. And have grandparents there to see.