Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Memorial Day Outing

We took the family on a little mountain-biking experience on Monday.  This was a single-track trail and my kids hadn't really done something like that before.  It was a little hard for the girls - on the way out there were lots of falls, hoping off their bikes, screams, and cries.  But coming back the girls did so much better!  They might have even liked it?!  The boys were totally fine.  We found this creek that was beautiful and a lovely meadow where we ate our lunch.  It was a good outing.

 Everyone ready to go - including, and probably especially, Brigham!

 The meadow.  I love the Brigham can "stay" so we can get him in our photos.  :)  Where's Emmy?  Oh, she was just mad at the world at this point.

 Crossing on gigantic logs is always fun.

So is crossing little logs.  :)

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erinmalia said...

haha. mad at the world. maybe brigham was emmy? or emmy was wearing a brigham suit? your life is pretty cool.