Saturday, May 20, 2017

School class pictures, 2016-17

 Lucy's kindergarten class with teacher Mrs. Arrechea (back right, the other ladies are "helpers").  Lucy loves Mrs. Arrechea - just like Emmy did when she had her in kindergarten!

We didn't order any single prints, but they took one of Lucy (and Jonas).  This was just a thumbprint sample, but it was pretty cute.  They put the sample thumbprints on a coffee mug and Lucy exclaimed, "What the?!  I'm on a coffee mug!"  Awesome.

 Emmy's 3rd grade class with Mrs. Latham - whom she adores!

 Jonas' thumbprint sample (I just scanned it and enlarged it).  Handsome kid.

Jonas' gigantic 5th grade class with Mrs. Kohout.  Ben stated that Jonas looked good, but a little "nerdy."  It's not his typical attire, but I think it's cute.  I just don't get why my boys have to button the top button?!

It's been another good year at Northside!  Jonas' last!

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erinmalia said...

i almost didn't recognize jonas! of course, clicking on the picture made it obvious he was my awesome nephew, but not until then. hey--be glad that they're buttoning the rest of the buttons too. it could be worse. (i think that guy pulls it off, just not sure everyone can.)