Thursday, May 18, 2017

This Old Dog

Well on May 17th, Wilson turned 15.  15!  He'll be getting his driving learner's permit any day.  Ha.  Honestly, I can't believe he is still around.  But I've been saying that for the past couple of years.  Overall, he's doing okay.  He has some bad days, but they are not the norm.

I mean, he sometimes has a hard time getting up off the slippery, wooden floor.  He can't hear very well at all.  I'm not sure his vision is all that great.  But he still enjoys a walk - a slow walk, but a walk nonetheless.  He can still "jog" for a second or two as he chases Brigham in the backyard.  And he can still be cranky!  So I'd say he's doing okay for being "105."

Here are some pictures:
 Wilson doing what he loves best:  lounging.

 Wilson was excited about the "pupcakes" I had made for him!

 Oh yeah, he loved it.

 Emmy was brave and wanted to try a pupcake!

 Uh, she thought it was disgusting.  Haha.

And Brigham got one too - and he loved it.  He loved it so much that he ate it in one bite.

Happy birthday Old Man Wilson!

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erinmalia said...

Haha. It's like I say to Bruno: "How are you still alive?!" Happy birthday Wilson!