Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Our First Overnight Sailboat Adventure

The young men were going to go boating at Blue Mesa and Ben was going to go with his sailboat and our two boys (it was only for 14-18 year-old boys, but Ben was planning on taking Miles and Jonas).  But that got canceled due to so many boys out of town.  So . . . since I am a nice wife . . . I suggested that we go up there as a family and camp in the boat - something we've talked about for years.  I don't know what overcomes me to say such things - I guess I must really love that Ben guy.

So we headed up late Friday afternoon and was finally on the water by 6.  We sailed for a couple of hours.  I held in most of my screams - which was quite impressive for me.  The girls didn't - every tilt they let it out.  I don't blame them as I wanted to do so as well!  I was okay with leaning, but I didn't like it when the boat would suddenly tilt.  Aiyiyi.

The kids were pretty horrible for those first couple of hours - well, maybe, really, just the girls.  I don't know what their problems were . . . but there were many.  But we endured and survived it.

Ben had some of the best sailing he's ever had - so that made him happy!  We got up to a shore to dock and the girls wanted to play in the water.  We discouraged them greatly as the sun had set and the water was cold.  But they waited for the entire day to jump in the lake . . . so they didn't listen to us.  They had fun - until they didn't.  Emmy handled it okay, but Lucy was pretty freezing!  We finally warmed her up, though, thank goodness.

We played a fun game before bed and then the kids were out pretty quickly - seeing as it was past 10:30!  Ben and I had a tough time sleeping - I didn't mind the rocking of the boat, but Ben got a little dizzy from spinning around the anchor (he'd see the stars rotating . . . I didn't have my glasses on and so I couldn't see anything).  The cables also made a lot of noises - as did the coyotes!  Crazy.  So not good sleep, but whatever, it was still fun.

We did jumping in the lake on Saturday - I didn't, though, as I conveniently forgot my suit.  :)  We tried fishing for quite a while - only to realize that fishing at the Blue Mesa is not for amateurs.  You have to have super-techy equipment to actually catch good fish up there.  Oh well, we tried and got nothing.  Nada.

Then we made it back to the docking area.  We motored for a bit and then decided to try putting up the sails again.  It was actually good sailing again and Ben enjoyed jibbing his way back through an inlet.

And that was that!

 Jonas is great on the boat - happy and super-duper helpful.

 Captain Ben and his wife.

 Jonas does whatever Ben ask him to do - I'm happy because then I don't have to do it!  But I do get a little nervous for Jonas . . . but I guess it's good for him!

 Lucy post-swimming on Friday night.  She was finally getting warmed by Ben's sweatshirt and soothed by her boo.

 Those three crazies slept near the bow of the boat.  Ben and I were on the left of this picture.  And Miles had a little nook on the right.  We all had cushioned beds!  :)

 Rise and shine - time for some homemade yummy granola!

 Emmy, of course, was the first to jump in.  But it took some time to get that courage.  But when I announced that the first one in would get 10 Hot Tamale candies, she didn't take long!

Lucy was next - as the next person got 8.  The boys were a little unsure, until I offered up 5 for the 3rd person and 3 for the last.  The race was on!
 And Miles beat him to it!  Haha.

 Ben wanted/did not want to jump in.  He just hates cold water!

 But he finally went!  Haha.

 Me and the boat.

 We got off and explored a little island.  The girls stayed in the boat and played "rats."

 Lucy giving a go at fishing.

Miles.  While he says he loves sailing, he definitely does not get as engaged as Jonas.  To each his own.

I think I've done my sailing trip for the year!  :)

Fathers' Day Q&As

1.  He is sitting in front of the TV, what is he watching:
BYU football
Master and Commander
A movie

2.  What dress does he eat on his salad?

3.  Name something he hates:
Video games - well, too much video games
Music in the 2000's
Naughty children
Bad children

4.  What does he like to drink?

5.  Favorite music to listen to?

6.  What is his nickname for you?
Big J.
Beautiful daughter

7.  What is something he collects?
Love from his family

8.  What food would he eat every day if he could?

9.  What is his favorite color?
Every color

10.  What would he never wear?
A dress
A dress, wig, earrings, and bikini
A bikini

11.  What is his favorite sports team?

12.  What is something that you don't do that he wishes you did?
Be kinder
Drive a car so he wouldn't have to take us mowing
Be nice to my siblings
Be like Jesus?

13.  You bake her a cake, what is it?
Chocolate cherry
Pie cake
Chocolate cake with a bike on top

14.  Favorite animal?

15.  What would he spend all day doing if he could?
Probably spending it with mom
Fishing and mountain biking
Being with his family
Spending time with his family

16.  Who is his favorite child?
I don't know . . . Brigham!

17.  What is his favorite sweet treat?
Chocolate cherry cake
Rhubarb pie
Root Beer
Chocolate chip cookies?

18.  You're in jail and you call him; what does he say to you?
What did you do Miles?
I don't feel bad for you; it's your choice you got in jail.
I'm very mad at you!
I'm so mad at you!

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Our Non-Lazy, Non-Hazy, Crazy Week of Summer . . .

This past week was super-duper busy:

On Monday morning I was off by 6 am for my work-out and Miles and Ben were off by 6:15 to Scout camp.  The girls had swim lessons from 10-12 (Emmy was at 10, Lucy at 11) and then we had four of their friends over for the rest of the afternoon.  There were lots of shrieks and lots of fun.  Jonas had gymnastics that evening.  The kids played incredibly well that evening - drawing houses, etc. on the sidewalk with chalk.  I let them stay out 30 minutes longer and called it our FHE.  :)

On Tuesday the girls had lessons again from 10-12.  We came home and Ivan was with us for a couple of hours.  Then it was time to get ready for the afternoon/evening of gymnastics and a swim meet.  I dropped Jonas off with his swim coach so she could take him to Delta for the meet.  I then took Lucy to gymnastics and we had to skip out a little early so we could head up to Delta.  Emmy was dropped off early for her gymnastics class and then was picked up by Csilla and taken to her house so I could stay with Jonas at his meet.  Lucy and I hung out at the stuffy pool and enjoyed the mini-meet.  Jonas looked really good - although he got DQ'd on two of his four races.  I'm not sure why.  He looks good, but he's just not super fast (but he's not the slowest either!).  Jonas had a lot of fun and was super excited to get 2nd in one of his heats.  We picked up Emmy and I let the kids play for a tiny bit outside on the sidewalk again.

On Wednesday, Ben came home at 1:30 am.  :)  I got up around 5:15 so I could get my triathlon training in (which I usually do on Fridays) before I had to be back to take Jonas to swim practice.  So I did my little swim, bike, and run and then got home with just 2 minutes to spare to get the kids all in the car to take Jonas.  The girls had their lessons and then we came home for lunch and then we headed to the library on our bikes.  The library had a "Drum Safari" program and that was fun.  Afterwards we rode our bikes with Csilla's family to the bike-bumps and had a good time there.  Then it was home and we were finally able to see Ben/Dad!

Thursday morning I again woke up at like 5:15 and picked Csilla up so we could run together up Buzzard Gulch.  I've never gone running with Csilla and it was pretty great.  Brigham came along and had a good time, too.  :)  Then it was back to taking Jonas to practice, getting lunches made, then going back to the rec. center for the girls' last day of swim lessons.  After lessons we stayed at the rec. center and ate lunch, climbed on the climbing wall, played some foosball, and then the pool was finally opened to the public and so we spent a couple hours there playing at the pool.  As much as I don't love swimming with my kids (I still get nervous - mostly just with Lucy, I get cold, etc.), it was actually really good and fun.  Ben was going to take Jonas mountain-biking that evening for some one-on-one time since Miles is gone, but then randomly a doctor called and asked if he would assist on a emergency hip-fracture surgery and so Ben went to the hospital at 7:30 (and got home at 11:30 - 2 1/2 hours later than he thought . . .).  So our plans changed and I took the kids down to Main Street as it had been closed off to cars and had a little street party going on.  Ride the Rockies (a biking event that travels over 400 miles throughout Colorado) was coming through and so there were vendors, music, etc. going on.

On Friday Ben and Jonas went biking at 6 am.  Jonas had a great time and Ben said he did really well.  Then the kids and I headed out for our Neosho hike and that was a great hike.  We got home just as Ben did from work and had a bit of time before we headed out to Girls' Camp.  Jonas was with his friend Ivan and so we just had the two girls.  Originally we were all going to camp, but we decided against bringing a boy up (Ben is a man/bishop -very different . . . :) ).  Also, we had just talked about how we are not doing sleep-overs with Jonas and so we couldn't then leave him overnight (ahem, sleeping over) at Ivan's, so it was decided I would just come home with the girls and get Jonas.  The girls (our girls) were so bummed once we got up there that we couldn't stay the night.  They liked being there with the five YW and their great leaders.  The camp was just our ward this year.  The girls were fun and funny and we had a great evening there and ate dinner with them (at 8 pm - we had to leave at 8:30!).  So then we (not Ben, he is the priesthood guy there for the night) got back in to town (a 45-minute drive from camp to town), picked up Jonas, then got the kids to bed.

And that was my week!  Thankfully, even though we did lots of fun things, every week of summer is not/will not be so crazy.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Neosho Mine

I took my kids (minus my Boy Scout) on a hike up to Neosho Mine in Ouray.  A teacher from Northside Elementary organizes a hike each week for other teachers and friends and so Patty (my friend and a staff member . . .) told me about this hike.  Csilla and I had talked about going on a hike today and so we went along with the Northside group.  It wasn't their normal day for hiking and so there wasn't too many of them, but it was a great hike.  It starts out pretty steep (which was actually way worse coming down) but then lessens and was really a beautiful hike up to an old mining area - complete with buildings and such that you can go in to.  It was cool!

 The hike was a fairly short one - 4.4 miles round-trip.  This part is about a half-mile from the mine.  It was very pretty up there!

 I think this was the blacksmith shop or something.  See the clothes-line on the left?  You can see it from the road as you drive south of Ouray on the Million-Dollar Highway.  We see it all the time!  Now we can look up and see it and know we hiked all the way up there.  Awesome.

 This was another builing - the bunkhouse, I think.  It actually had bunk-bed frames inside.

 Lucy was my tour guide.  There were pictures hanging up of the miners and his wives/daughters (?) that lived there.  This was the kitchen area, Lucy told me.

 Emmy going down the sketchy stairs to an even sketchier basement!

 The basement!

 The basement's door.  The other girl is Lexi, Csilla's youngest.  She hiked the entire thing, except for the one I held her for a few minutes after she fell and scraped her knee and arm.  Hungarian blood is tough I tell ya!

The beautiful scenery!

It was definitely good to get out and hike!  My week has been so super busy that I almost just didn't do it.  But I'm super happy we got out in to the outdoors.  Miles would love the old mine-buildings and so I'm excited to take him back up sometime!

Yay for summer!  It's been good - but also exhausting and trying at times, too.  :)

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Boy Scout Camp So Far . . .

Ben and Miles ready to leave for Scout camp at 6am on Monday morning!

 Ben drove up Miles and the four other scouts from our ward to the SOAR BSA camp.  Ben stayed for Monday and most of Tuesday - leaving the camp at 10:30 pm and getting home at 1:30 am.

 Jarett, Jess, Aiden, DJ, and Miles with their scout flag they painted last Saturday.

 Meal time!  Ben said the food was actually pretty good.  :)

 The boys went on a hike on Tuesday evening and it seemed like the boys all had a good time.

 What a pretty cool vista!

 What a good lookin' scout!

 I love this father-son duo.

Miles loves exploring the great outdoors!

Ben had some mixed reviews about the camp thus far - some good and some bad.  But I think overall the boys will have a good time!  We'll be anxious to see Miles and hear all of his experiences on Saturday.

Brigham turns 2!

Yes, we are that family that celebrates their dogs' birthdays.  :)

 His toy - the Jolly Egg.  A neighbor and employee highly recommended it.  Brigham doesn't like it and just barks at it.  Whatevs.  :)

 His birthday cake . . . carrot-cake.  Super yum.


Buckhorn Lake

Jonas, one day, was moaning about how we never do stuff he wants to do - he gets in those mood sometimes!  Ben just told Jonas that if he just nicely asked us to do something and if it was reasonable and our schedule fit it, we just might do the "stuff" he wants us to do.  So then Jonas asked if we could go kayaking.  So kayaking we did . . .

 Yes, I did panic when my dog couldn't stand not going with Ben, myself, and Emmy and decided to swim across the lake.  Yes, I know where the term "doggy-paddle" comes from and that dogs can swim.  But Brigham never has - nor has he wanted to.  So I was a little nervous that he would get tired in the middle of the lake and drown.  Emmy was crying.  Ha - we're nuts!

 He didn't drown after all.  :)

Ben rowing the other kids to our little island.

Jonas loves being in kayaks and canoes.  He had a lot of fun.  All the kids did, really.

Lucy really wanted to fish and so we gave it a go and caught . . . nothing.  We'll have to try again!

 The four kids out in the 2-person kayak.  :)

 Cute kayaker Jonas.

 Cool dad and son.

 The lake became this little stream and so the kids stayed in the kayak until we reached our truck pretty much.  Emmy had fun (sort-of) navigating the boat on her own.  She needs more practice.  :)

 Then Lucy wanted a try . . . and Emmy wanted out.  Haha.  Lucy wasn't horrible, but could use some more practice too.

 Almost falling asleep . . .



A fun afternoon!

Thursday, June 01, 2017

May . . . and The Fort

 May was super busy for everyone!  I was lucky to not have to work - I'm not sure I would have been able to fit it in!  :)

The past three nights, the boys have slept in our backyard fort.  Super cool!