Thursday, June 15, 2017

Buckhorn Lake

Jonas, one day, was moaning about how we never do stuff he wants to do - he gets in those mood sometimes!  Ben just told Jonas that if he just nicely asked us to do something and if it was reasonable and our schedule fit it, we just might do the "stuff" he wants us to do.  So then Jonas asked if we could go kayaking.  So kayaking we did . . .

 Yes, I did panic when my dog couldn't stand not going with Ben, myself, and Emmy and decided to swim across the lake.  Yes, I know where the term "doggy-paddle" comes from and that dogs can swim.  But Brigham never has - nor has he wanted to.  So I was a little nervous that he would get tired in the middle of the lake and drown.  Emmy was crying.  Ha - we're nuts!

 He didn't drown after all.  :)

Ben rowing the other kids to our little island.

Jonas loves being in kayaks and canoes.  He had a lot of fun.  All the kids did, really.

Lucy really wanted to fish and so we gave it a go and caught . . . nothing.  We'll have to try again!

 The four kids out in the 2-person kayak.  :)

 Cute kayaker Jonas.

 Cool dad and son.

 The lake became this little stream and so the kids stayed in the kayak until we reached our truck pretty much.  Emmy had fun (sort-of) navigating the boat on her own.  She needs more practice.  :)

 Then Lucy wanted a try . . . and Emmy wanted out.  Haha.  Lucy wasn't horrible, but could use some more practice too.

 Almost falling asleep . . .



A fun afternoon!

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erinmalia said...

where'd you get the kayaks? don't you love when kids are reasonable? it makes such a difference. too bad they spend most of their lives being unreasonable.