Friday, June 16, 2017

Neosho Mine

I took my kids (minus my Boy Scout) on a hike up to Neosho Mine in Ouray.  A teacher from Northside Elementary organizes a hike each week for other teachers and friends and so Patty (my friend and a staff member . . .) told me about this hike.  Csilla and I had talked about going on a hike today and so we went along with the Northside group.  It wasn't their normal day for hiking and so there wasn't too many of them, but it was a great hike.  It starts out pretty steep (which was actually way worse coming down) but then lessens and was really a beautiful hike up to an old mining area - complete with buildings and such that you can go in to.  It was cool!

 The hike was a fairly short one - 4.4 miles round-trip.  This part is about a half-mile from the mine.  It was very pretty up there!

 I think this was the blacksmith shop or something.  See the clothes-line on the left?  You can see it from the road as you drive south of Ouray on the Million-Dollar Highway.  We see it all the time!  Now we can look up and see it and know we hiked all the way up there.  Awesome.

 This was another builing - the bunkhouse, I think.  It actually had bunk-bed frames inside.

 Lucy was my tour guide.  There were pictures hanging up of the miners and his wives/daughters (?) that lived there.  This was the kitchen area, Lucy told me.

 Emmy going down the sketchy stairs to an even sketchier basement!

 The basement!

 The basement's door.  The other girl is Lexi, Csilla's youngest.  She hiked the entire thing, except for the one I held her for a few minutes after she fell and scraped her knee and arm.  Hungarian blood is tough I tell ya!

The beautiful scenery!

It was definitely good to get out and hike!  My week has been so super busy that I almost just didn't do it.  But I'm super happy we got out in to the outdoors.  Miles would love the old mine-buildings and so I'm excited to take him back up sometime!

Yay for summer!  It's been good - but also exhausting and trying at times, too.  :)

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erinmalia said...

Can you get there by driving? Not that I'd want to, just wondering if other non-hikers get up there. Super cool if not!