Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Our First Overnight Sailboat Adventure

The young men were going to go boating at Blue Mesa and Ben was going to go with his sailboat and our two boys (it was only for 14-18 year-old boys, but Ben was planning on taking Miles and Jonas).  But that got canceled due to so many boys out of town.  So . . . since I am a nice wife . . . I suggested that we go up there as a family and camp in the boat - something we've talked about for years.  I don't know what overcomes me to say such things - I guess I must really love that Ben guy.

So we headed up late Friday afternoon and was finally on the water by 6.  We sailed for a couple of hours.  I held in most of my screams - which was quite impressive for me.  The girls didn't - every tilt they let it out.  I don't blame them as I wanted to do so as well!  I was okay with leaning, but I didn't like it when the boat would suddenly tilt.  Aiyiyi.

The kids were pretty horrible for those first couple of hours - well, maybe, really, just the girls.  I don't know what their problems were . . . but there were many.  But we endured and survived it.

Ben had some of the best sailing he's ever had - so that made him happy!  We got up to a shore to dock and the girls wanted to play in the water.  We discouraged them greatly as the sun had set and the water was cold.  But they waited for the entire day to jump in the lake . . . so they didn't listen to us.  They had fun - until they didn't.  Emmy handled it okay, but Lucy was pretty freezing!  We finally warmed her up, though, thank goodness.

We played a fun game before bed and then the kids were out pretty quickly - seeing as it was past 10:30!  Ben and I had a tough time sleeping - I didn't mind the rocking of the boat, but Ben got a little dizzy from spinning around the anchor (he'd see the stars rotating . . . I didn't have my glasses on and so I couldn't see anything).  The cables also made a lot of noises - as did the coyotes!  Crazy.  So not good sleep, but whatever, it was still fun.

We did jumping in the lake on Saturday - I didn't, though, as I conveniently forgot my suit.  :)  We tried fishing for quite a while - only to realize that fishing at the Blue Mesa is not for amateurs.  You have to have super-techy equipment to actually catch good fish up there.  Oh well, we tried and got nothing.  Nada.

Then we made it back to the docking area.  We motored for a bit and then decided to try putting up the sails again.  It was actually good sailing again and Ben enjoyed jibbing his way back through an inlet.

And that was that!

 Jonas is great on the boat - happy and super-duper helpful.

 Captain Ben and his wife.

 Jonas does whatever Ben ask him to do - I'm happy because then I don't have to do it!  But I do get a little nervous for Jonas . . . but I guess it's good for him!

 Lucy post-swimming on Friday night.  She was finally getting warmed by Ben's sweatshirt and soothed by her boo.

 Those three crazies slept near the bow of the boat.  Ben and I were on the left of this picture.  And Miles had a little nook on the right.  We all had cushioned beds!  :)

 Rise and shine - time for some homemade yummy granola!

 Emmy, of course, was the first to jump in.  But it took some time to get that courage.  But when I announced that the first one in would get 10 Hot Tamale candies, she didn't take long!

Lucy was next - as the next person got 8.  The boys were a little unsure, until I offered up 5 for the 3rd person and 3 for the last.  The race was on!
 And Miles beat him to it!  Haha.

 Ben wanted/did not want to jump in.  He just hates cold water!

 But he finally went!  Haha.

 Me and the boat.

 We got off and explored a little island.  The girls stayed in the boat and played "rats."

 Lucy giving a go at fishing.

Miles.  While he says he loves sailing, he definitely does not get as engaged as Jonas.  To each his own.

I think I've done my sailing trip for the year!  :)

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This is just amazing. Were you the only ones there? It looks empty.