Saturday, June 17, 2017

Our Non-Lazy, Non-Hazy, Crazy Week of Summer . . .

This past week was super-duper busy:

On Monday morning I was off by 6 am for my work-out and Miles and Ben were off by 6:15 to Scout camp.  The girls had swim lessons from 10-12 (Emmy was at 10, Lucy at 11) and then we had four of their friends over for the rest of the afternoon.  There were lots of shrieks and lots of fun.  Jonas had gymnastics that evening.  The kids played incredibly well that evening - drawing houses, etc. on the sidewalk with chalk.  I let them stay out 30 minutes longer and called it our FHE.  :)

On Tuesday the girls had lessons again from 10-12.  We came home and Ivan was with us for a couple of hours.  Then it was time to get ready for the afternoon/evening of gymnastics and a swim meet.  I dropped Jonas off with his swim coach so she could take him to Delta for the meet.  I then took Lucy to gymnastics and we had to skip out a little early so we could head up to Delta.  Emmy was dropped off early for her gymnastics class and then was picked up by Csilla and taken to her house so I could stay with Jonas at his meet.  Lucy and I hung out at the stuffy pool and enjoyed the mini-meet.  Jonas looked really good - although he got DQ'd on two of his four races.  I'm not sure why.  He looks good, but he's just not super fast (but he's not the slowest either!).  Jonas had a lot of fun and was super excited to get 2nd in one of his heats.  We picked up Emmy and I let the kids play for a tiny bit outside on the sidewalk again.

On Wednesday, Ben came home at 1:30 am.  :)  I got up around 5:15 so I could get my triathlon training in (which I usually do on Fridays) before I had to be back to take Jonas to swim practice.  So I did my little swim, bike, and run and then got home with just 2 minutes to spare to get the kids all in the car to take Jonas.  The girls had their lessons and then we came home for lunch and then we headed to the library on our bikes.  The library had a "Drum Safari" program and that was fun.  Afterwards we rode our bikes with Csilla's family to the bike-bumps and had a good time there.  Then it was home and we were finally able to see Ben/Dad!

Thursday morning I again woke up at like 5:15 and picked Csilla up so we could run together up Buzzard Gulch.  I've never gone running with Csilla and it was pretty great.  Brigham came along and had a good time, too.  :)  Then it was back to taking Jonas to practice, getting lunches made, then going back to the rec. center for the girls' last day of swim lessons.  After lessons we stayed at the rec. center and ate lunch, climbed on the climbing wall, played some foosball, and then the pool was finally opened to the public and so we spent a couple hours there playing at the pool.  As much as I don't love swimming with my kids (I still get nervous - mostly just with Lucy, I get cold, etc.), it was actually really good and fun.  Ben was going to take Jonas mountain-biking that evening for some one-on-one time since Miles is gone, but then randomly a doctor called and asked if he would assist on a emergency hip-fracture surgery and so Ben went to the hospital at 7:30 (and got home at 11:30 - 2 1/2 hours later than he thought . . .).  So our plans changed and I took the kids down to Main Street as it had been closed off to cars and had a little street party going on.  Ride the Rockies (a biking event that travels over 400 miles throughout Colorado) was coming through and so there were vendors, music, etc. going on.

On Friday Ben and Jonas went biking at 6 am.  Jonas had a great time and Ben said he did really well.  Then the kids and I headed out for our Neosho hike and that was a great hike.  We got home just as Ben did from work and had a bit of time before we headed out to Girls' Camp.  Jonas was with his friend Ivan and so we just had the two girls.  Originally we were all going to camp, but we decided against bringing a boy up (Ben is a man/bishop -very different . . . :) ).  Also, we had just talked about how we are not doing sleep-overs with Jonas and so we couldn't then leave him overnight (ahem, sleeping over) at Ivan's, so it was decided I would just come home with the girls and get Jonas.  The girls (our girls) were so bummed once we got up there that we couldn't stay the night.  They liked being there with the five YW and their great leaders.  The camp was just our ward this year.  The girls were fun and funny and we had a great evening there and ate dinner with them (at 8 pm - we had to leave at 8:30!).  So then we (not Ben, he is the priesthood guy there for the night) got back in to town (a 45-minute drive from camp to town), picked up Jonas, then got the kids to bed.

And that was my week!  Thankfully, even though we did lots of fun things, every week of summer is not/will not be so crazy.

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erinmalia said...

I'm going to take a nap after reading this. :) How have you never run with Csilla before?! You've been friends forever. What's next week like? Oh, you should ask about the DQ. They should be able to tell you.