Thursday, July 06, 2017

June's Random Pictures

Some of the pictures that Miles took on his Scout Camp-out:
 DJ and his big lollipop.

 A selfie of Miles inside his teepee.

 The Colorado river seen from a hike, I think.

 The climbing wall that Miles got to do.

 The rock that Miles got to repel down - he loved that!

A counselor that the boys became friends with while there.

The girls had a blast visiting the Young Women at their camp:
 Emmy and "CC."

 I'm not sure why Emmy isn't smiling . . . she loved everything.  We're missing one YW in the photo and their awesome leaders.

The girls like playing with their dolls and taking pictures:

The calendar:

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erinmalia said...

It kills me that Miles is old enough to go places without you! So awesome.