Tuesday, July 25, 2017

San Diego, Day 3

Well it looks like I just get more and more pictures per day as the week goes on, so I thought I would now break it down per day!

So on Monday, our 3rd day there, we had family photos done.  It was pretty quick and all the kids did well!  We then went to the Maritime Museum, as it was recommended to us by the photographer.  Lucky for Ben - he loves that stuff!  We went aboard submarines, pirate ships, etc.  It was pretty cool - but the day was super hot!

After the museum we went to Torrey Pines Beach.  Our family did that four years ago and loved it.  We took a hike down in to a section of the beach - where not many people go.  It's cool and we loved it again - even if the ocean was full of seaweed and would grab hold of your legs as you played in the water!  The kids just played and played and played in the waves - Ben and I did our fair share as well.

 Jonas and a cool ship!

 Jonas looking through a porthole.

 Some of the cousins on a cool ship.  :)

 I think this is Jonas in a sub . . . ?

 Here we are at Torrey Pines.  We walk up this road to get to the trail to hike down to our beach spot.

 Cute Lucy and Ollie behind her.  And me and Aunt-e.  And Uncle Chuck.

 On the trail - such a cool area!

 California looks good on her,  I think.  :)

 Wahoo - the beach!!

 Ben and others body-surfing - so cool.

 All done and trying to warm up in the towel.

Torrey Pines and our kids - 2017.

 Torrey Pines and our kids - 2013.

My mom and dad and brother left us after the museum.  Lucky for us, my mom got dinner prepared and it was all ready when we got back from our busy California day!  Yum!

It was all so fun.

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erinmalia said...

Um, that pic from 2013...Lucy is the CUTEST.