Tuesday, July 25, 2017

San Diego, Day 4

Milton Willis, their friend, and Michael Willis.

So Tuesday was a big day - surfing lessons for the adults.  Well all adults under 50 that is.  :)  Erin had found these surf instructors online and set-us all up.  The Willis brothers were about as legit as you can get for California surf-instructors.  These brothers - Michael and Milton - are the real deal. They came complete with dreads and ponytails and world-records for riding the world's biggest waves.  :)  They were awesome.  It made the surfing experience even better to have such iconic instructors!

We all got up on the boards and had a blast.  Ben made it look pretty darn easy!  Derek totally loved surfing - until the next day when he was super sore (we all were sore!).  :)  It was awesome.  The Willis brothers let us keep the boards for the whole day and so Erin, Chuck, and I went back after our lesson to get the kids and bring them to play at the beach - while whoever wanted to, could still try surfing.  Ben and Derek stayed and ate lunch and then surfed some more until we showed up with the gang.

The kids played, boogie-boarded, jumped waves, and even tried surfing themselves!  Jonas was a natural.  Most of the other kids even got some personal instruction from Michael, one of the Willis brothers.  It was super cool.  :)  What a fun, fun day!

 There we are at the Wills brothers' home - at least their summer home!

Erin and I listening to Michael give us some surfing tips.

 Ben and I all comfy (or not) in our wet-suits.

 The Galbraith kids all ready to surf!

 Go, Derek, go!

 Erin rocked the pose and all!

 There I go!

 Ben catching a good wave!

 The surfing couple.

 Our surfing group - we aren't sure why the Willis brother took it from the side?!

 Michael Willis!

 Jonas surfing - he totally loved it.  It was one of his highlights of the whole trip.

 Miles getting some help from a Willis Bro.

 My parents came and watched us and enjoyed seeing us surf and play on the beach.  My mom is pretty cute!

 Jonas surfing again . . .

 Emmy getting some help from Michael.

 Go, Emmy, go!

 Ben is in the background catching another good wave.  :)

Emmy did not want to try surfing and was a bit mad when I pushed her over to Michael . . . she practically had tears in her eyes . . . but I knew she'd be okay.  Michael was great, helped her up, and she had fun.  :)

Okay, here are some videos that I took of everyone surfing.  Oh, everyone but me that is!  I was bummed that my first ride didn't get caught on video because it was my best.  :)  These may not be everyone's best surf, but I only got one of each and so this is what you see!

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erinmalia said...

These pictures are awesome too! I'm so sorry we didn't get a video of you. :( I guess you'll have to go again.