Tuesday, July 25, 2017

San Diego, Day 5

So vacations can kind of be tricky - you want to find a good balance between 1.  doing lots of neat stuff that you hardly get to do at home and 2.  just relaxing and having some down-time.  I think our trips usually ere more on the first point:  doing lots of neat stuff!  But I don't think we over-did it.  People, kids especially, seem to do best and be happiest when involved in some type of activity.

Okay, so on to day 5!  The home ("mansion" as my kids liked to call it) we stayed at had a few acres and had some horses on its property.  We signed up to ride the horses on Wednesday morning.  We just had to walk down the long driveway to the stable and rode around in the corral.  Emmy came to me crying because she was scared about riding the horses - an energetic pony that came running about scared her, we think.  I told her she didn't have to ride, but to watch and see how the other kids do and then make her decision.  She finally rode - although she was still quite nervous about it for the first half of our ride.  She finally calmed down and seemed to enjoy it.  Both girls talk a lot about riding the horses (it was the first thing they mentioned to their cousins about their trip) and so I know it was really fun for them.  The boys really enjoyed it, too, and thought it was cool that they got to ride them alone - without someone taking the reigns.

After horses, we went to the USS Midway with my parents.  We toured around the gigantic ship.  It is definitely impressive!  It was very cool to have my dad there as he had landed on the USS Midway and had stayed on many, many similar vessels while in the Marine Corps.

After that we had planned on going to Belmont - a fun carnival place where there were rides to rides.  I thought it would be fun to take the kids on a roller-coaster ride since the boys had only gone once and Emmy had never done it.  After missing our exits (not lost, just confused) and such, we finally got there!

I took the three oldest kids on the roller coaster ride, while Ben took Lucy on some bumper car ride.  Jonas and Emmy were a little nervous; Miles, not so much.  Me, a little - it's been awhile!  While I don't love roller coasters, I absolutely loved watching Emmy!  She was so terrified - but it was just so hilarious and cute!  I just laughed and laughed.  It was quite an adventure!  Emmy was fine when it was all done - not mad or anything.  Now she can say she's ridden a big roller-coaster!  Lucy loved her bumper-cars.  Jonas and Miles had fun and wanted to go again.  But, nope, we were already running late!

My Aunt Karen, who lives in the L.A. area, came over for dinner that night.  She brought a friend that lives near where we were staying and so we had a fun evening with those two ladies.  It's always great to be around Aunt Karen - she's just so sweet, lovely, and delightful!  It was nice of her to travel in that California traffic.  :) I was sad I didn't get a picture of her with my family!

Another great day!

 Playing pool was always fun.

 Lucy on a horse!

 Lucy and Miles riding.

 A close-up.

 Jonas and a nervous Emmy.

 Whoa Jonas!  :)

 Ben took a turn, too - he loved it, but wanted to go fast!

 Emmy got back on with Lucy - but wouldn't let Lucy steer it on her own while she was on.  :)

 My family in front of the massive USS Midway.

 Lucy at the controls!

The kids in front of the helicopter my dad flew - well, he might not have flown this very one (it was a Navy one), but he did fly these C-47s.

 Miles and my dad checking out his old "office."  He could probably still fly one of those if he had, I'm sure!

 Lucy going crazy at the bumper-cars!

This is post roller-coaster ride - we all survived!

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