Tuesday, July 25, 2017

San Diego, Day 6

Thursday morning we got up and headed out to La Jolla shores to do some kayaking.  There were a few other people in our group.  After some instruction and life-jacket fitting, we were on our way!  We couldn't take our camera and so we didn't get any pictures on our adventure.  We had a fun time though.  We went in to a cave that was super cool and had some fun waves in there as well!  We saw fish, birds, and sea lions.  It was a good time!

After that we took our family back to the "mansion" and spent the afternoon in the pool - which was one of the kids' favorite activities!  We left at 3:30 to make our dinner reservation at 5pm at Coronado Island - which is usually about 50 minutes away.  But . . . with traffic we didn't make it until a little after 5:30.  Luckily my dad and mom and brother left about the same time and got there about the same time!  Erin and her family had stayed down in San Diego and made it on time.  :)  Once we all got there, we had a fantastic dinner!  It was a very neat atmosphere and a fun place to eat.  After dinner we walked along the shore for a bit and it was so beautiful.  I do love that place.  Another great day.  :)

Getting ready for our kayaking trip!

 This is not my picture, but from the internet.  But these are the caves we went to.

This is the cave we went in to - one kayak at a time.  (Again, the picture is from online.)  It was really exciting - especially for the kids.  :)

 The "mansion" had some old arcade games - pinball was a favorite.  Fun!

 Dinner at the restaurant at Coronado.

 Miles ordering off the adult menu . . . he sort of liked his swordfish.  :)  He did eat it all, though!

 Ben's dinner - his first time having lobster!

 My mom stayed with us and enjoyed our lovely evening stroll.


The restaurant we ate at - wow it looks cool at night!

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erinmalia said...

Yep, coronado is a beautiful place!