Tuesday, July 25, 2017

San Diego, Day 7

Friday was our last day all together in San Diego - sniff, sniff.  We decided to go to the beach, as that is something we can't do in Colorado and was a favorite thing to do for the kids!  We went to a beach that was a little closer to home - called San Elijo.  It was great!

 Surfer-dude Ben.  The "mansion" had a surf-board and so Ben was excited to do some more surfing!

 The kids all loved to boogie-board - even little Lucy got the hang of it (she did better than her mom!).

 Emmy wants to move to California when she's older . . . even the traffic didn't change her mind!

 Emmy the Mermaid.  Can you see it?!

 This beach was a little more difficult for Ben to surf.  But he did catch some waves!

 My sister, dad, and mom chilling at the beach.

 Lucy the Mermaid.

 Aunt-e bought some awesome tattoos . . . super fun.

 Emmy and her tattoos.

 The Maxwell crew at San Elijo beach - bye-bye for now!  Until next time . . .   :)

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erinmalia said...

Emmy's arm looks so strong! Go gymnastics. :)