Tuesday, July 25, 2017

San Diego, Day 8

I feel very lucky as we were able to fly in super-early on Saturday and then fly out in the evening on the next Saturday - we got like 2 extra days in!  So we weren't flying out until 6pm on our last day and so that did leave us a lot of day to do something.

My sister and her crew flew out early that morning.  My parents and brother left the "mansion" at the same time as we did - my parents were driving home via a stop in St. George.  My brother was staying a few days with a friend in San Diego, then going north for a few days, and then flying back to Alaska.

I went for my last run in San Diego that morning.  My sister and had gone the past week together - but she had to leave early and didn't have time on this Saturday.  There was this gate to the "mansion" that we couldn't figure out how to open by walking/running on the road - it only opened for cars (or if you're trying to come in, there is a punch-key to enter the password).  We scaled the stony fence a couple of times, until we just drove our car down to the gate and drove past the gate - then started our run from there.  But that last run I didn't take my car.  I thought I'd just scale the stony fence again.  But I missed my footing or something and scraped my right arm like crazy as I went over and down!  Also, I scraped my left palm of my hand.  My hand killed me - I thought I was going to faint.  But I took a few breaths and went on my run.  My scrapes on my arm stung quite badly, too.  It was pretty gnarly.  I'm bummed that I didn't show my sister nor take a picture.  :)

After my run and breakfast, we let the kids take one last swim at the pool at the "mansion."  They just loved the pool so much!  It was an awesome pool - it was warm and salt-water.  And in our backyard.  All very cool things.

After we left the "mansion," we drove in to San Diego via the "coast highway."  We hadn't taken this road to get to San Diego before and it was super cool.  We got to drive through a lot of cool ocean towns.  Sure, it was a bit slower - but we didn't have traffic!  I really enjoyed the drive.  I wanted to check out this flea market I had read about.  But it turned out to not be that great - and it was super hot!  So we didn't spend too much time, or money, there.  I did buy a large box of strawberries for $1 - awesome!

Then we drove to Old Town of San Diego.  It's just this cool section of town with a Spanish-influence.  It had a farmer's market and was super cool with lots of super cool craft items and such.  We spent time there, went in some other cool shops in the area, bought things, etc.  We ate lunch at Fred's (which stood for Frederico).  It was fresh Mexican and was delicious!  All in all, it was another great day in San Diego!  :)

 The kids in the pool on our last day there.

In our hallway of the "mansion" there were these gigantic paintings - big as in 10' x 8'.  Ben LOVED the paintings and so apparently he took a picture of each of them:

It was marvelous to have the Galbraiths together and to spend the whole week together!  Lucky us!  Thanks mom and dad!

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erinmalia said...

WHAT?! I didn't hear about this arm/hand wounding! How is it now, all healed? That's crazy!