Thursday, August 17, 2017

The Day Lucy Turned 7 . . .

Lucy's birthday turned out to be a full day of fun!  As soon as I came home from my run, the girls squealed in excitement - finally they could come downstairs.  The girls came down and checked out the wrapped - and unwrapped - gifts.  After breakfast, I started baking the cake and making the homemade strawberry ice-cream.  I had all the kids help make the decorations for Lucy's Moana cake and they all had fun doing that - plus, the decorations turned out awesome.

We left for Grand Junction a little after 10:30.  Our first stop was Old Navy.  I have lots of "free" money I earn from my credit card and so I told each kid they had $30 to buy whatever - which turned out to be a big mistake for my boys, who picked out some of the most odd clothing that Old Navy offers.  Ha.  The girls got some cute stuff and I ended up only paying $10 cash - for tax.  So that was awesome.

The kids got to eat lunchables for lunch and that was a treat since they get them like twice a year.  Then we went to Get Air.  A trampoline jumpy place.  Emmy had gone before, but the rest of us had only heard about it.  We decided to take the kids there in honor of both girls' birthdays.  It did not disappoint and the kids had a fabulous time.  We paid for 1-hour and were able to stay for about 80 minutes.  The kids were very tired afterwards!  Emmy got an aerial on the tramp and she was super excited about that!  It was really fun there.

Then it was back home . . . luckily Ben had just gotten home as well and so Lucy could open her gifts.  She got many neat gifts - including a tablet.  Emmy was amazed and probably even more excited than Lucy was.  :)  Lucy will get to do her online homework on it, plus use it for their weekly game-time.

All year long whenever we'd have a yummy dinner, Lucy would exclaim, "This is what I want for my birthday dinner!"  Well she couldn't remember what any of those meals were and so she declared that she wanted to ride bikes to Colorado Boy (a restaurant) and have dinner there.  Done!  We had a delicious dinner there and a fun bike-ride, too.

We came home and watched Moana, stopping 1/2 way through for some cake and ice-cream.  Then we finished the movie, read a book and the girls went to bed - listening to the new Moana CD Lucy got . . . Can you tell Lucy loves Moana?  :)

What a fun day celebrating a fun new 7-year old (plus her older sister, too)!

 She's 7!  Since she was born at like 5:30am, she really was 7 by this time - my kids like to make sure about that type of stuff.  :)

 Her Moana figurines weren't wrapped - as they were needed for our cake!  Lucy loves playing with them
 Too cute in her new outfit from Grandma Dixie!

 The kids all helping make the fondant decorations for the cake.

 The kids all loved the cake and it was fun that they all got to help make it awesome!

 At Get Air!

 Wahoo, so fun!

 I'm sure we'll be back sometime again.

 Happy birthday to Lucy, happy birthday to you . . .

Make a wish . . .for another awesome year of life!

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Happy Birthday Lucy,

Another year has gone by and you're due for another birthday . . . this time turning 7!  How fun.  You are usually nuts about your birthday and talk about it for weeks and weeks before, but you haven't been so crazy this year.  Emmy made you a birthday chain about a month out and you've been excited as it has gotten smaller and smaller . . .

So this past year was your first year in school - a kindergartner at Northside.  As expected, you did great!  You were a fabulous student and really had no problems the entire year.  Your teacher loved you and you loved her - Mrs. Arrechea.  And you loved school.  You were always happy going and coming.  You loved writing and won, I think, 2 awards for that at the awards assembly.  I came in just about weekly to help out in your classroom and it was a joy for me to see you at school and to see you doing so well.  You usually played with Dory (almost always) and sometime Genevieve or Abby or Madison at recess-time.  I think you would still consider Dory your best-friend (well, besides Emmy).

You love, love, love the Berenstain Bear books.  We'll go to the library and you'll check out 20 of them!  I don't quite share your love for the books . . . I mean, I don't mind reading one to you every once in a while - but several books every night is a bit too much for me.  Luckily for you, your dad seems to enjoy them almost as much as you do!  Luckily for me, you'll let me read other books we've checked out.  :)

You continue to do well at gymnastics.  You always have fun and love it so much.  You got to go to Emmy's class (once on a Thursday and a couple times to their Saturday practices) a few times and totally loved it.  Emmy might have complained in the beginning, but I think she liked it in the end.  :)  I'm excited to see you get new skills and just get better and better with each year.

You totally love riding your bike and say so all the time and love going on bike-rides.  That is, until we start going uphill.  Then you complain - a lot!  It drives me a little crazy . . . but once we get going flat or downhill, you're all smiles again.

The one not-so-fun thing we've experienced with you this year is your crying.  I say this a lot (usually to dad), but it seems like you've cried more this past year than you have your entire life combined!  I'm not sure if it's just you, the change with school, etc., but it's been rather . . . annoying.  You've greatly annoyed your siblings with this trait as well.  Don't worry, I remind them when they were your age, they cried bunches, too.  They probably cried just as much.  But it just seems so much more with you because you weren't apt to cry/whine much the past few years before, so it was kind of a big - a annoying - change.  But you can't be perfect so I guess it's good you've got this problem.  :)  But let's just keep it a "Being 6" problem, okay!?

Now back to the positives.  You have empathy far greater than most kids (including your siblings).  It's sweet to see that in you.  You genuinely apologize to your siblings when you've done something wrong or something they didn't like.  I don't ever have to tell you to say "sorry" - you know when you should and you do.  You get really upset and frustrated (and cry, of course!) when Emmy won't let you say "sorry" to her.

I missed having you around this past year, but am glad that you are growing up and going to school and all that fun stuff.  You are definitely growing up in to someone that I continue to love and adore and someone in whom I am very proud to call my daughter.

Stay good.  Stay sweet.

I love you,

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Family Photos

We had our family pictures done while in San Diego since all of my parents' kids and grandkids were there.  They turned out super great!  I'm going to post a bunch for fun:


Sunday, August 06, 2017

Girls' Week

Okay, so our week will have waaaaay more pictures!

We went to Utah because I had signed up the girls for Cub Gymanstics Camp.  It was Tuesday through Friday, from 9-12.  I left on Sunday because I enjoy driving on Sundays . . .  We had a yummy dinner when we got there and it was lovely to be in Midway with my parents again!

On Monday my mom took us girls to get pedicures.  It was super fun and the girls loved it - it was their first time.  Emmy didn't love the massage-chair, but everything else she loved.  Lucy loved it all.
 Fun, fun!

 Emmy waiting for her toenails to dry.

Cute little feet!

We went swimming afterwards and then after dinner we went, with my parents, to the County Fair's talent show.  It was really fun and the girls liked watching all the performances - especially the Hamilton number.  But it was really long and so by 8:15 we were done (although it wasn't) and left for home.

This was their first day of gymnastics camp!  The girls got there and signed in and were put in to their different groups (based on age).  I stayed around for a bit to watch.
 Emmy doing her round-off back-handspring.

 Lucy doing a pull-over on bars.

After I left I went to the bookstore to browse and shop.  Until I was kicked out at 10:50 because the store was closing because of the BYU devotional.  Gotta love BYU!  :)  I wandered around campus and checked out the Museum of Art - the awesome store there, not the actual art.  :)

 The girls loved their first day and were super happy and excited to tell me all about it!

 I bought us each a BYU hat.

We came home, ate lunch, and then went swimming.  After dinner my parents had a meeting to attend and so the girls and I rode our bikes down to the cheese-factory farm for some ice cream.
 The girls had the giggles.  :)

 Hmmmm, I don't know what to say.

We rode our bikes around some of the neat neighborhoods and then headed back for home.

 I got up each morning and either rode my bike or ran.  Emmy really wanted to run with me one morning and since I was doing a later work-out (more on that later), I told her I would take her running around the path on Wednesday.  It was a fun 15-minute jog with Emmy - she did great.

We then got ready and I drove the girls back down to BYU.  I dropped them off and then headed to Riverton where I was going to do some triathlon-training.  I'm doing the Sprint Triathamom on August 19th.  It's in Riverton and the pool is a 50-meter pool.  Our pools are usually confgured in 25-yard lanes and so I just wanted to try the 50-length laps before the actual race.  So I went and did 1000 meters of swimming.  It's an outside pool, which was different, too!  It was pretty nice - except for the sun that blared in my face.  :)  After I swam I went on the bike route for my race.  I got lost towards the end (darn round-about!) - well not lost, but off the route.  But it gave me an idea of what the ride will be like.  I did a short little run - short for 2 reasons:  1.  I wasn't planning on running and so I only had my chacos and 2.  I needed to get back to BYU and pick up the girls.  It was a good, hot workout.

The girls had another great time on Wednesday and told me all about the different skills they were doing.  It was fun to hear.  We came back and had lunch and then my mom took us shopping at the thrift store.  The girls found lots of cute things and we'll save them for school - so perfect.  I even got a few items myself.  I saw my elementary school best-friend's mom at the shop - but my mom convinced me it wasn't her and so I didn't say anything!  (But I came home and messaged my friend and it turns out it was her mom!)

We went out to dinner at one of our favorite local Midway restaurants and then back to the County Fair for the hypnotist show.  We saw a hypnotist show last year at our fair and the kids loved it.  My parents had never seen one.  It was super fun and funny to watch - although I have a hard time believing/knowing who is and who is not really hypnotized.  The girls loved it and thought it was better than the one they saw last year.
We rode my dad's "toy" to dinner and the fair - it always makes the outings extra-fun!  :)

 The girls liked playing Uno while eating their breakfast each morning!

 I'm horrible at selfies!  But after I dropped off the girls at BYU I went to the old Provo Temple and did a session.  It was nice.

 Once again, the girls had a great time at camp.  After I picked them up we went to Swig.  We each got a delicious, but way too big even for me, smoothie.  The girls got a sugar cookie, too - they were huge and the girls couldn't even eat 1/2 of them!  (No worries, my parents and I came to the rescue and helped finish them off.  :)

My mom had texted me that we should go to the This is the Place Monument and that they (my parents) would meet us there.  So after camp we drove and met up with my parents.  Emmy wasn't sure she totally wanted to go, but she had no choice . . . But the girls had a great time and Emmy told me multiple times that it was "really fun!"

 Besides walking in neat pioneer homes, the girls got to try lots of different pioneer activities.  Like hand-washing clothes,



 horse-riding, and more.  We found out that walking on stilts is a lot harder than it looks!  It was a fun day and we topped it off by eating at one of my favorite restaurants (in honor of my sis's birthday, of course) - Ruth's diner.  I loved my halibut-tacos and Emmy ate ALL of her fish-sticks.

Thursday was our last chance to swim and so after getting back from dinner, we went swimming again!  It's definitely one of the girls' favorite activities to do!

 We had some extra time before camp and so we stopped off at the temple and walked around for a few minutes.  Although Provo is funny-looking, it's still pretty!

Friday was their last day of camp.  I decided to go to the bookstore one more time for a bit (and scored with a new dress that was 1/2 off!) and then I went back to the gym to watch the girls for the last couple of hours.  I loved just sitting there and watching them on all the events - it was good to see what they had been doing all week.  The girls weren't the top girls in their groups, but they were one of them, for sure.  So that was kind of fun to see.  Each day the girls rotated through 6 stations:  floor, tramp, beam, bars, vault, and dance.  Plus a popsicle break each day.  :)

 Lucy doing a spotted back-handspring.

 Emmy doing a front-flip in to the pit.

 Emmy sitting next to her camp best-friend, as she called her.  The girls' name was Jayce and I think she even lived in Midway.

 All of the groups' coaches were current BYU gymnasts.  On Friday a few off them showed off some of their awesome moves.  This gal is Angel, of of Emmy's coaches.  She did a double lay-out fly-away from the bar.  It was very good!

 Lucy doing a cherry-drop off the bar in to the pit - one of her favorite things to do!

 Emmy on the bar.

 Lucy with her group.  When they were first told to salute, Lucy awesomely did a military-style salute.  Her Grandpa G. would have been proud.  :)

 Emmy's group!

 All the girls did a 7-minute dance routine at the end and that was that!  The girls loved it and I was glad they got to have that experience!

We walked up to campus and grabbed lunch at the Cougar-eat.  Then we drove home - back to real-life and our boys . . .  :)