Sunday, August 06, 2017

Boys' Week

Haha, isn't that a great picture to set-up my Boys' Week post?!  At first, I thought, "I won't have any pictures of their week."  But then I remembered the awesome picture Jonas sent me via email.  Ha.

So last Sunday the girls and I took off Utah-bound.  We left the boys and Ben here to fend for themselves all week.  The boys were doing a STEM-camp at their middle school all week - Monday through Friday, 8-4.

When we left them on Sunday, they were alone for a couple hours until Ben got home.  The boys and Ben worked together on their dinner - homemade chicken pot-pie, as requested by Miles.  Ben got a call from a doctor asking if he (Ben) would go in and help him (the doctor) on a surgical case - broken foot or something.  So Ben left the boys and thought he'd be back in a couple of hours . . .

Meanwhile, the pot-pie was baking and there was a ton of extra crust and so the boys - mainly Miles - made some extra creations.  Including a pumpkin pie.  Ben didn't make it home until a little after 9pm and the boys had waited to eat their dinner with him!  Per Ben, it was all delicious - including the pumpkin pie.

The rest of the week the boys had their STEM-camp each morning.  They got themselves ready, including lunches, each day.  They rode their bikes to the middle-school - good practice for when school starts in a couple of week!  They loved the camp and got to build popsicle bridges, popsicle hydraulics - among many, many other things.  Miles knew most of the kids there and there were a few boys from the ward as well.  They had an hour lunch-break day.  They had a blast.  Including when Jonas stabbed his hand a wood-carving tool at camp (hence the picture).

Ben worked during the days, of course.  His nights were full of church appointments (Tuesday) and taking the boys mountain biking on Monday and Thursday.  Oh, and eating the most delicious rhubarb cake on Monday night - made by Miles.  (Miles has been requested to make the whole family the cake - seeing as none was left of course - today.  :)

Ben said the boys just did great, helped around the house, got themselves up and ready each day, etc.  I'm glad they had that experience!

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erinmalia said...

I'm confused: what did the hand have to do with their week?! I want Rhett to make me pies. :) Or Miles. Send him here and I'll put him to work.