Friday, March 05, 2010


there hasn't been a post all week long.

because it's boring around here.

not the, "i have nothing-to-do-boredom." but rather the, "i don't want to do this again." my life has felt very, very Groundhog's Day-ish this past week.

i have had stuff to do like host jonas' preschool group; organize and attend cub scouts (will i ever get out. . .???? :); wash clothes; wash the dishes; get breakfasts, lunch, dinners and snacks; sweep the floor; pick up, pick up, pick up; assist emmy in potty-training; "school-time" with jonas; make my bed; work-out; and play with my kids. (while playing can be a joy, somedays i just don't want to play with 6, 4, and 2 year olds. seriously.)

we did have a few excursions that were different and fun. like biking with the 3 kids (i push emmy on a trike with a long pole) while ben roller-bladed. but, then again, i was slightly bored that i just had to putts along walking. i wanted to bike. get some speed going, energy flowing. but i mainly just pushed emmy along as my 4 and 6 year-old kept wanting ben to go "real fast!" which he would to their utmost delight.

it was sunny and warm yesterday (upper 40s) and so after school the 3 kids and i walked down to a cute little shop near us. an "antique shop." it was fun, but could have been awesome if i wasn't petrified of one my children breaking something at any given minute. or annoyed at miles wanting every. single. bird. paraphernalia. in the place.

but other than that it's been hanging out at home, playing who-knows-what. oh, but today, did i luck out for 30 minutes! the boys wanted me to lie (lay, which is it mom?) down on the couch (*bonus*) as they placed toy bugs all around my body, in my hair, between my toes, etc. it was restful - until emmy came up to me smelling of poop and wanting me to help her "wipe." she's cute. but messy and stinky, too.

anyways, so that's really it. i haven't been following american idol too much. too many contestants right now and not many of them are really fantastic from what little i've seen. except crystal bowersox. i saw her first performance on the computer last nite and fell in love with her music. (seriously, for some reason i always want to cry when i listen to her sing this song.) i love her. i want her to win the entire thing. i think i will vote for my first time ever this season.

(p.s. one of the best lines in Hand in My Pocket: "I'm short but I'm healthy." makes me smile.)


erinmalia said...

i like that girl just because of her name! as we don't watch AI i've never seen her. but interesting! i don't think they've ever had anyone like her.

Meg said...

Love Crystal too!!! Also like Lilly. She is very talented. We shall see. Got the cable disconnected again so I will have to figure out how to watch it.

emily said...

meg - watch it like me, on the computer. it's perfect as it doesn't take hours to watch. minutes. love it! i'll have to check out lilly.

Niederfam said...

these are the days of my life!!!! although mine also include ENDLESS feedings with an infant, who doesn't "latch" nice, right??? ;)

oh and we are tv-less, so i'm watching online too, i'll check her out and probably be moved to tears as well, doesn't take much!!!!