Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Summer so far

So we've enjoyed a few weeks of summer so far. Some days are horrendously long, while others are fun and time flies by.

My sister sent me a link to Summer Merit Badges, found here. I loved this idea and so I came up with 8 "merit badges" for the boys to earn (I had originally planned on doing some for Emmy, but I haven't gotten there yet. And she doesn't seem to mind in the least. . .). The eight are: biking, hiking, cooking, literature, health and exercise, fishing, gardening, and nature. Then under each one are 3-6 check-offs before they earn the badge. So far each boy has gotten his "biking" badge. They each had to learn/help with changing a flat tire, go on a 1/2 hour bike ride (they've been on several 45 minute rides this past week), and learn the traffic signals. It's fun to have some goals to work on - fun for them and me, and Ben too I think.

The boys have been attending "Camp Creativity" held at Grace Community Church. Miles got to choose what he wanted to do: painting, crafts, singing, dancing, acting. And what did he choose. . . crafts, of course! He's loved every minute of it - I haven't seen any of the crafts he's made, but tomorrow is the "showcase." (It's M-Th, this week only, 9-12). Jonas, after the first day, didn't want to go back again. Not because he had a bad time, just because. Probably he's a little on the shy side. But he did go back on Tuesday and today and has had fun. He's in the preschool group and I feel like he feels it's a little too young for him.

They do some definite bible-story teaching and stuff. They have been focusing on the story of Moses, I think. Jonas made some pretty cool craft of the parting of the Red Sea. Fun. Jonas also told me of the game they played one day: Duck, Duck, Goose. Though you said, "Jesus, Loves, You." If you got "You" it was akin to "goose." Awesome.

I was reminded of what the critical thinker Miles really is. He told me that today "they" (the camp people) talked how nothing is impossible to God. Then Miles asked/told me, "Isn't it kind of impossible of God to force people to do things?" Wow, I was impressed. (Now maybe it's not impossible of God to do that, but of course God never would. I still thought it showed some great thinking on Miles' part.)

We've done some crafts. Played with the hose in the sandbox (but I got super mad after finding out Miles had turned on the water FULL-BLAST after I had told him to turn it on to "medium." He knew full well what that meant and what he did instead. Now he has extra chores to do to "pay" for the extra water he wasted. Awesome, huh?). We go on morning walks at least 3 times a week - a little "experiment" to see if fatso Wilson will lose weight. We go to the story-time at the library, and its other programs, too. We meet up with friends at parks. Etc.

Miles got his tadpole last week in the mail. It died today. So sad. I felt so bad for the kiddo - he told everyone about it, even calling his Grandparents to tell them. He handled it much better than I thought he would. I don't think the tadpole was ever too vibrant - I think going thru the mail is too much of a strain. We went to the pet store today to enjoy some AC - I mean, to let the kids see some animals. Miles really wanted to see some frogs and I thought it would be okay. Now he wants a frog, of course. It's like $20. So he's trying to think of ways to earn money. His dumbest plan yet: sell a quarter for $25! Ha. Tonite he made up a couple of jokes (that he thinks are great). He wrote out the joke, drew a picture to go with it - and now has decided to make copies of it and sell his jokes.

Anyways, this has gotten much longer than I thought. But I feel like I've left out Emmy and Lucy. Emmy had a fun week this week going over to her friend's house twice, once with me and once without. Plus Emmy and I had some fun "alone time" today as the boys were gone and Lucy was napping. We did her "school" stuff - worksheets. I definitely have hope in this girl. :) She can count to 10, if you don't mind the 4 not being there. Lucy loves to be in the sand box. The boys made a huge "pond" in it the other day with the hose and Lucy loved sitting in it afterwards.

So, so far summer has been pretty good to us.

p.s. our camera is broken - we can't download any pictures to our computer. :( the connection piece in the camera is broken. i'm so sad. so no pictures of the kids with their merit badges. boohoo.


erinmalia said...

i'm so glad the boys are enjoying the merit badges! and everything else sounds great. sorry about the camera. what a bummer.

rebecca said...

So sad about the tadpole!!!! And your camera. At least the camera has a chance. :)

Please tell me more about the merit badges. What do the boys have to check off for each badge? I love this idea so much!

emily said...

rebecca - i'll send you an email. . .

i {heart} hawkes said...

so frustrating about not being able to use something you rely on so much. hope you get your camera back soon. the post is a great summer update. we just started having summer like temps this week and it's half way through june, so odd. i'm still loving the curls on emmy.