Tuesday, May 29, 2012

LOTS and lots of pictures of our weekend

So I post lots of pictures often.  But this is going to be LOTS.

We went to Littleton for the weekend - a long weekend for us.  We got to leave early Friday morning - 7:30 - and came home Monday night.

When we arrived on Friday we played around in the backyard (frisbee, kick-soccer. . .) while Lucy took a nap.  After we got her up we headed over to Chatfield Reservoir.  It was a blast and the kids absolutely loved every minute of it.  It was truly so fun just watching them:
 The water seemed a little cool at first.  But it quickly warmed up and was actually quite pleasant.  Lucy wasn't convinced yet. . .

 Literally getting their feet wet.

 Love this - Lucy laughing at Emmy!

 Two cuties.

 The girls had fun splashing around.

 (blurry, but whatev)  We'd get "waves" from boats and that was always exciting!

 Pure goof having tons of fun.  :)

 Miles livin' it up, too.

 As the kids' clothing started getting soaked, they became less and less clad. . .

 Whoa Lucy.

Two beautiful sisters trying to get warm in a damp towel.

We all had a great, great time!

Friday night Ben and I went out on a date - oh so fun.  We played tennis for a bit (I lost 6-3).  Then went to Cafe de France and enjoyed some crepes.  Then I dragged Ben to Pier 1 Imports - I don't think I've been in one for over 5 or 6 years.  I love that place.  It's so beautiful and bright and makes me happy.  The only bummer is that I didn't/couldn't/wouldn't buy anything.  Someday. . .

Saturday morning I went running on the beloved highline canal trails.  Yes, fine, I was a little scared of a coyote coming after and attacking me.  I had heard Ben and his father talking about something about coyotes the night before and then on the trail was a sign about being aware of the coyotes.  Not that they will attack people - but just that they are becoming less shy of people.  I was a little skittish on my run.  But still loved it.

Later in the morning we took the kids on a bike ride on the trail to the jumps.  It's a wonderful place full of bike jumps and tons of spots to walk around and explore.  A child's paradise, really:

 See that grin on Miles' face?  So great.

 Ben even caught some air on his cruiser bike - Lucy's seat is on the back.  But Lucy wasn't at this time.  :)

 Emmy even tried it out. . .

 and she almost made it, but not quite!  She didn't got for it again.  :)

 Lucy had fun walking on some of the bike jumps.  Miles even escorted her on the whole loop once.  What a sweet brother.

 Snack time cuties.

 Jonas caught a little bit of air, too.

But nobody got as much air as Lucy.  :)  And how great is Emmy the Cheerleader?!  Adorable.

The afternoon was spent back at "home" (Grandma and Grandpa's house).  Ben and I cleaned out the car, washed it, vacuumed, etc.  Blah, but it was good to get done.

That evening we went to Casa Bonita.  It's this sort-of silly restaurant, but a definite experience and something totally different and fun for kids.  You don't go for the food, really (though Ben just loved his Velveeta cheese enchiladas. . .), but for the "entertainment."  There are cliff-divers, puppet shows, scary caves to walk through, Mexican scenery, etc.  We had what Ben would call "The Classic Experience":
 Here's the gang eating dinner at our table.

 The puppet show.  I think we were suppose to be "hiding" from something.  I just think this picture is funny. Miles is apparently not hiding at this point - I think he was already doing his "roar!"

 Miles' favorite part of the evning:  Black Bart's Hideout.  It was like a spooky cave thing.  The first time we all went through and Miles loved it all!  Ben had to cover Lucy's eyes; she wasn't a big fan.  I came out holding a screaming and crying Emmy and a terrified Jonas who had clung to my waist, behind me, the entire time.  I was laughing hysterically.  Miles did it several more times --

 Ooohhhh, see that scary face behind Miles. . . :)

 Oh man.  The Monkey.  The "Monkey All Gone" Monkey.  This Monkey petrified Lucy (and the same thing happened to Ben's brother, Joe, when he was about Lucy's age. . .).  As Grandpa Max said, Lucy's whole body just tensed up the moment she caught sight of the monkey.  She screamed and cried and wouldn't look.

 Grandma Max just held on to her.  I think it was a great bonding moment for them.  :)  When that was over, Lucy said repeatedly (like a hundred times that evening alone), "Monkey, all gone."  Just to reassure herself. The next morning she even said it, "Monkey, all gone."  It was great.

 Here we are outside the restaurant.  The girls were kind of done with it all by this point.

A cranky Emmy, but an otherwise good picture of the kiddos with their wonderful grandparents.

And that evening Ben and I went out again.  And what did we do?  Played tennis, again.  And, again, I lost 6-3.  Then I got to chose somewhere for dessert and I so wanted frozen yogurt.  And we found the perfect place:  Yogo Mojo.  I had gone their before with the girls in Grand Junction.  It's so yummy and even Ben commented several times how yummy his was.  It was the perfect evening.  :)

(I'm getting tired, are you?)

Sunday we went to church.  Afterwards we went to the Littleton Historical Museum.  It's always a lovely time there:
 Checking out the piglets.

 Checking out the cow.

 Miles working at the grindstone.

 Oh man she is so scrumptious.

 Is this where Jonas gets his sticking-out-the-tongue thing?  But I really think I was telling Lucy that something was yucky. . .

Oh Ben and I just love this shot of Emmy.  She's so flirting with the ram.  She seems to be asking, "So, what are you doing Friday night?"

That evening we had a nice dinner with Grandma Dee - Great-grandma to my kids.  Lucy (Dee, remember?) was adorable with Grandma:
 Could they be even cuter?

Just too, too, too, too cute.

On Monday morning I went on another run.  This time I found two rocks and carried them with me because that is what the sign said, to throw rocks if a coyote approached.  So I carried them, but, yeah right, like I would have thrown them at a coyote. . . Ben and I and Lucy did a quick run to Sam's Club for their yummy "fresh tortillas."  Miles just had to have them after falling madly in love with them at his grandparents'.  :)  The kids played some silly, yet intricate, game in the basement all morning long:
Great times on the freezer with old shower parts.  At least, I hope they were old parts. . .

It was a fantastic weekend that ended with a less-then-ideal car trip home.  Oh well.  It can't all be lovely, right?


erinmalia said...

yay for fun trips! that little lucy is just adorable, as are all your kids. but there's something about a little girl in two pigtails, isn't there? there is.

Emily said...

Wow!!! You guys certainly got a lot done in that weekend! Looks like a lot of fun and probably tiring by the time you got home again :) Loved all the cute pictures of your kids outside How fun!

Montrose Lewises said...

I can't believe how much you squeezed in! My favorite was definitely "Whoa Lucy!" I love the whole series of photos <3

courtney said...

as always, i love littleton posts. and coyotes on the highline canal trail? what is this world coming to? i had totally forgotten about (blocked from my memory?) that monkey at casa bonita - good times. :) glad you and ben got to fit in a couple of date nights!