Monday, January 20, 2014

Yay for a Fun Day

So for the next couple of months Ben only has to work one Monday each month - so of course today, when the kids are out of school, was the day he had to work for this month.  :(  Bummer.  But I was determined to still get out and do something with the kids.  I was a little worried since Miles got sick and threw-up about 4-5 times on Saturday night . . .but he was doing better by Sunday.  So we went ahead with my plans to go to Telluride.  It turned out to be a fantastic day - we all had a great time.

We left by 8:30 and our first activity to do was go sledding.  We were at the hill and ready to go by about 10.  It was freezing cold in the parking lot, (I had forgotten my coat of all things!  But, miracle or miracle, I had thought to myself, "I should bring my sweatshirt just in case I need another layer."  And since I hadn't my coat, I definitely needed another layer!) but by the time we were at the sledding hill, it was sunny and so it felt great.  At the sledding hill area, this is what happened:

 Miles ate a lot of snow.  I guess he was dehydrated from his earlier illness or something . . . Just kidding, this is what he does on normal days, sick or not!

 Lucy made a snow angel.  Almost as cute as herself.

 And sledding, of course!  Lucy did some more bum-sledding - this time she accidentally went down backwards.  Awesome.

 Man does Jonas LOVE sledding!  It was the highlight of his day.  He just loves it so much.

 Jonas and Emmy like going down together.  But they "started too high" per Emmy's post-ride statement.  She is NOT happy in this picture - nor was she after she fell off.  But she got over it.  Miles, too, had a crash - that I missed when I was off taking Lucy to the bathroom.  He rolled on his face and got a few scratches on it.  Sledding is rough!

Our next stop:
 the bus-stop!  I had talked to my friend Csilla about us going to Telluride and she gave me some great tips (she lived there for many years).  Like taking the shuttle bus.  So after 1 1/2 hours or so of sledding, we headed on the bus.

 It was oh so exciting for the kids!

We took the to the gondola station.  Where we hopped on:
 I think this was Lucy's first (maybe 2nd?) time on a gondola.  This was Miles' favorite part of the day. It was neat and beautiful - we even got to see the skiers on the mountain.  Super fun.

We got off at the "Mountain Village" "exit" and there ate our sack lunch.  We ate right at the base of the baby ski-hill - magic carpet and all.  There were also some big hills and super high jumps that were fun to watch - Jonas even caught a skier doing a back-flip off a jump and was pretty excited about that.  It was a fun spot to eat lunch.

 Then we got back on the gondola and headed back in to town.  This part, per Jonas, was "a little creepy."  :)

We caught the shuttle and then headed back to the town park (where we had parked and where we sledded).  They have an ice rink there and so we went skating next.
 There were 2 of these "things" there.  Lucy enjoyed using it for a little bit - the older kids had fun playing all sorts of games - including "vacuum," where they turned the thing on its side and sucked up fallen-down siblings.  Cool.
 It was pretty fun!  Go, Emmy, go!

 Jonas had fun playing with some other kids that were there.  There were two boys there that were soooooo good at ice-skating!  It was fun to watch and made me wish our boys would learn some better skills and techniques.

 Lucy braved it on her own a few times.  :)

 This dog, per his/her owner, "really likes the ice rink."  So Telluridian.  :)  It was an awesome dog, though!  It would eat the snow on the ice.  In fact, Miles was playing with a snow ball and it rolled away . . .and the dog ate it.  :)

 Cute sisters.

Emmy really, really wanted to take a picture.  Not too bad!

Anyways, it was a fabulous, practically perfect day.  I loved it and so did my kids.  A win-win for sure!  We all want to do it again . . . with Ben if possible.  Someday . . .

I'll share two videos, that aren't the best, but still fun to me:
Jonas and Emmy sledding down the hill - and having fun (as opposed to the above picture.  :)

Silly, yet wonderful, sisters.


erinmalia said...

you are so brave to do this day all on your own. how far is telluride?

Niederfam said...

MOM OF THE YEAR award….goes to YOU. Awesome. What a fun day full of memories for you and your kiddos!!!!

Emily said...

This looks so fun! I don't think I've ever been to an outside ice rink- and you guys even have one in your backyard too. The little "helper" looks pretty cool too. Fun day!